Ember JS interview questions set 2/Ember.js Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

What are the most crucial tasks performed by controllers in Ember.js?

The most crucial task performed by a controller in Ember.js is decorating the model, which is returned by the route. In Ember.js, it is handled by controllers. It is not always necessary that only a single controller performs this task, but there may be required multiple controllers depending on the task itself. Besides this, there are many actions that users perform, and listening to these actions is also the responsibility of the controllers in Ember.js.

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What is the difference between Ember.js and other traditional web applications?

Ember.js is preferred over the majority of other traditional web applications due to many reasons. In the application's logic living on the server, an ember.js application downloads everything it required to run in the initial page load. So, it facilitates users not to load a new page every time while using the app. That's why the UI of Ember.js responds quickly. The advantage of this architecture is that your web application uses the same REST API as your native app.

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Explain the architectural structure of Ember.js applications?

The architectural structure of the Ember.js application is based on MVC (Model, View, Controller) pattern.

1) Models: Models define the data that is used in an application.
2) Controllers: Controllers are used to modifying the queries, edit the data and provide user interactions.
3) Views: Views are used to display the data and capture the user actions to be repeated easily if needed in the future.

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Who was the author of Ember.js?

Ember.js was developed by Yehuda Katz and initially released on in December 2011.

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Why is Ember.js so popular?

The best thing about Ember.js is that it develops applications which are fastest in the running in the browser.

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What is the core concept of Ember.js?

Store: This is a central repository and cache of all records available in an application. Controller and admin can access it.
Models: It specifies a class which defines the data of properties and behavior.
Records: It specifies an instance of a model which contains loaded information from a server.
Adapter: It is responsible for translating requested records into the appropriate calls.
Serializer: It is used to translate JSON data into a record object.
Automatic Caching: It is used for caching.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 05:22:13

How popular is Ember.js web framework?

According to a research Ember.JS has a market share of about 14.69%. So, it is an excellent opportunity to move ahead in your career in Ember.JS Development.

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What controller does in Ember.js?

Decorate the model returned by the route.
It can listen to actions performed by users.

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Why I use EmberJS?

1) Open source JavaScript framework.
2) Flexible framework that embraces the concept of fast web page.
3) It has smaller size as compare to other library.
4) Data binding Support.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 05:17:47

Explain what is the use Ember.SortableMixin ?

For array proxies Ember.SortableMixin provides a standard interface to specify a sort order and maintain this sorting when objects are updated, removed or added without changing the order of the underlying model array.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 05:14:08

Explain what is Ember.ArrayController and what is the advantage of it ?

Ember.ArrayController is a controller that wraps an underlying array and adds additional functionality for the view layer . The advantage is that you have to set up your view binding only once.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 05:13:03

Mention some of the functions used in ember packages/ember run-time/lib and packages/ember metal/lib/utils.js ?

None : Returns tur if argument is null or undefined
Empty: Utility function constrains the rules on ember.none by returning false for empty string and empty arrays
isArray: Use this to check whether the value is an array
MakeArray: This function is used when you want a given object in an array
Typeof: This is used to get the type of the passed argument
Compare: Used to compare two objects of possibly different types
isEqual: It checks whether the passed two arguments are logically equal
inspect: While debugging this function is useful. For a given object it returns the string description
Log_Binding: Log binding is not a function but a Boolean function. If set true ember will log all the activity that is happening on the bindings

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Explain how you can add data using fixture into an application?

In order to put sample data into an application before connecting the application to long term persistence, fixtures are used.

1. First update js/application.js to indicate that your application’s application adapter is an extension of the DS.FixtureAdapter. Adapters are used for communicating with a source of data for your application. Usually, this will be a web service API.
2. Next, update the file at js/models/todo.js

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Explain how you can create an Ember. handlebars template ?

Call Ember.Handlebars.Compile() to create an ember.handlebars template. It will return a function which can be used by ember.view for rendering.

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Explain what are the two ways of defining and inserting a view?

First way

By extending the Em.View class, you have to create an oject in your JavaScript to define a view. You can declare your functions and variables inside that.
Now to insert a view in your template, you have to follow the write the handlebar script {{ #view App.ViewName}}.

Second Way

In this technique, the name of the view object is not required,while inserting into the template. But inside the object you have another property called as templateName which should be initialized with the value same as data template name attribute in handlebar’s script tag, in your template.

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Explain the role of adapter and types of adapters ?

Adapter queries the back end, each adapter is made up of particular back end. For example Rest adapter deals with JSON APIs and LSAdapter deals with local storage.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 05:05:41

Explain how is ember.js is different than traditional web application?

In Ember.js, instead of majority of your application’s logic living on the server, an ember.js application downloads everything it required to run in the initial page load. So user does not have to load a new page while using the app and UI will responds quickly. The advantage of this architecture is that your web application uses the same REST API as your native App.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 05:04:54

How to disable Prototype Extensions in Ember.js ?

You can disable Prototype Extensions in Ember.js by setting the EmberENV.EXTEND_PROTOTYPES flag to false:

ENV = {

EmberENV: {




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Write steps to write a Handlebars Helper?

We can create helper functions in Handlebars using the registerHelper() method.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:55:38

Which template library is used by Ember.js ?

Handlebars templating library is the template library that is used by Ember.js to power the user interface.

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Explain model with reference to ember.js. Also, tell how it is defined in it.

Models are objects that represent the underlying data which is presented to the user by your application. Different applications have different objects or models, and it depends completely on what problem they are trying to solve. For example, a photo album is a collection of many photos i.e. group of photos. And, a photo sharing application has a photo model to represent a particular photo. Models are persistent and most of them are loaded from and saved to a server that uses the database to store data. Once the models are loaded from the storage, the components translate the data into the user interface with which the user can interact. Defining model in ember.js: –


ember generate model model_name;

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What are enumerable in ember.js?

An enumerable is any object in ember.js which contains a number of child objects and allows us to work with those children using “ember.enumerable” API. The native JavaScript array is the most common enumerable in a majority of applications, which ember.js extends to conform to the enumerable interface. Ember.js provides us with a standardized interface for dealing with the enumerable and allows us to completely change the way our underlying data is stored without modifying the other parts of the application which accesses it. This API follows ECMAScript specifications as much as possible which hence minimizes the incompatibility with other libraries. It also allows ember.js to use the native browser implementations in arrays where they are available.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:53:07

What is the component in ember.js? How is it defined?

A component is something which encapsulates certain snippets of handlebars templates that are to be used again and again. In such case, a JavaScript is not necessary to be written. Just define the entire handlebars template and use the component that is created. Components make it easy to reuse the code, create widgets, tags in or not in the W3C, and much more. Components in ember.js are basically versions of web components.

Defining a component in Ember.js: Ember generate component component_name;

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:52:25

What is ember route? How can you generate a route in ember.js?

An ember route is built with three parts:

1. An entry in the Ember router which maps between our route name and a specific URI.
2. A route handler file, which sets up what should happen when that route is loaded.
3. A route template, which is where we display the actual content for the page.
In ember when we want to make a new page that can be visited using a URL, we need to generate a “route” using Ember CLI. Hence the generator will print out:

1. Installing route
2. Create app/routes/about.hbs
3. Create app/templates/about.hbs
4. Updating router
5. Add route about
6. Installing route test
To define a route, run ember generate route route-name. This command will generate a file name route-name.js in app/routes/ folder.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:50:51

Explain directory structure in Ember.js?

The new command generates a project structure also called directory structure with the following files and directories:
I-app:- This is where folders and files for models, components, routes, templates, and styles are stored.

I-bower_components/ bower.json:- Bower is a dependency management tool which is used in Ember CLI to manage front-end plugins and component dependencies.

I-config:- The config directory contains the environment.js where we can configure settings for your app.

I-dist:-When we build our app for deployment, the output files will be created here.

I-node_nodules/package.json:- Directory and files are from npm. Npm is the package manager for node.js.

Public:- This directory contains assets such as image and fonts.

Vendor:- This directory is where front-end dependencies that are not managed by Bower go.

Tests/testem.js:- Automated tests for our app go in the test folder, and testem is configured in testem.js.

Tmp:- Ember CLI temporary files live here.

Ember-cli-build.js:- This file describes how Ember CLI should build our app.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:49:13

What are observers in Ember.js?

Ember supports observing any property which also includes computed properties. Observers are something which contains the behavior that reacts to the changes made in other properties. Observers are used when we need to perform some behavior after a binding has finished synchronizing. New ember developers often use observers. Observers are mostly used within the ember framework and for that; computed properties are the appropriate solution. An observer can be set on an object using the following syntax- “ember.observer” Observers in ember are synchronous. They will fire as soon as they observe a change in of the properties. And, because of this, it is easy to introduce bugs where properties are not yet synchronized.

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Write command to start and stop development server in Ember.js?

We can install Ember with a single command using npm such as: -npm install –g ember-cli@2.17. We can use ember new command to create a new application:- ember new ember-quickstart. This command will create a new directory called ember-quickstart and set up a new Ember application inside it. Outside, the application will include a development server. We can start a development server by typing the command:

1. Cd ember-quickstart
2. Ember serve
To stop the development server at any time simply type Ctrl-c in our terminal.

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When sorting condition is there in Ember.Js?

This condition is reached when the array proxies complete their task.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:47:13

What do you mean by Serializer in Ember.js and what role does it play while writing a code?

It is useful when it comes to using a JavaScript Object Notion. Actually, it returns the payload from the server into a machine from where it is easy for the users to read it. A very large number of attributes can be represented in a very simple manner and the good thing is there is a well-defined relation between them. With this relation, it is possible for the users to have many different ways to understand and eliminate the bugs in the code.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:46:51

What is Ember Namespace?

Sometimes an object contains the application of a framework. Defining the same object is a daunting job because it cannot be directly accessed. For this purpose, Ember namespace can be used.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:46:22

When you will be using the Ember.TrackedArray in Ember.Js?

It is used for the purpose of tracking Array operations. In case users need to compute the indexes of items in an array upon shifting, it is more useful in a situation like this.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:46:03

What exactly ember. mixin class according to you is?

It is generally used to create objects which contain properties, as well as functions that can be shared between other classes. Sometimes they can also be shared among instances. The behavior of the objects can easily be compared and understood by the developers through this.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:45:43

What do you know about the Application Template?

When an application starts, this is the default template from where it is operated. Users need to put a Header, footer, and any other decorative item that is required to be displayed on the page.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:45:17

What is the condition of creating an instance in Ember.Js?

It is necessary for the users to define the class by calling its create method otherwise they will be runtime errors on the screen.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:44:57

In Ember.Js where you will find the child objects. How can you work with them as a user?

There is an object named Enumerable that generally contains child objects. Using the operator Ember. Enumerable API, it is possible to work with these child objects. However, in some applications that have complex sizes, the native JavaScript array is the commonly used enumerable.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-08 04:43:58

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