What is the core concept of Ember.js?Ember JS interview questions set 2/Ember.js Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

What is the core concept of Ember.js?

Store: This is a central repository and cache of all records available in an application. Controller and admin can access it.
Models: It specifies a class which defines the data of properties and behavior.
Records: It specifies an instance of a model which contains loaded information from a server.
Adapter: It is responsible for translating requested records into the appropriate calls.
Serializer: It is used to translate JSON data into a record object.
Automatic Caching: It is used for caching.

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What are the most crucial tasks performed by controllers in Ember.js?

What is the difference between Ember.js and other traditional web applications?

Explain the architectural structure of Ember.js applications?

Who was the author of Ember.js?

Why is Ember.js so popular?

What is the core concept of Ember.js?

How popular is Ember.js web framework?

What controller does in Ember.js?

Why I use EmberJS?

Explain what is the use Ember.SortableMixin ?

Explain what is Ember.ArrayController and what is the advantage of it ?

Mention some of the functions used in ember packages/ember run-time/lib and packages/ember metal/lib/utils.js ?

Explain how you can add data using fixture into an application?

Explain how you can create an Ember. handlebars template ?

Explain what are the two ways of defining and inserting a view?

Explain the role of adapter and types of adapters ?

Explain how is ember.js is different than traditional web application?

How to disable Prototype Extensions in Ember.js ?

Write steps to write a Handlebars Helper?

Which template library is used by Ember.js ?

Explain model with reference to ember.js. Also, tell how it is defined in it.

What are enumerable in ember.js?

What is the component in ember.js? How is it defined?

What is ember route? How can you generate a route in ember.js?

Explain directory structure in Ember.js?

What are observers in Ember.js?

Write command to start and stop development server in Ember.js?

When sorting condition is there in Ember.Js?

What do you mean by Serializer in Ember.js and what role does it play while writing a code?

What is Ember Namespace?

When you will be using the Ember.TrackedArray in Ember.Js?

What exactly ember. mixin class according to you is?

What do you know about the Application Template?

What is the condition of creating an instance in Ember.Js?

In Ember.Js where you will find the child objects. How can you work with them as a user?

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