What are the features of the C language

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C is a procedural programming language. It was at first evolved by Dennis Ritchie in the year 1972. It was predominantly evolved as a framework programming language to compose a working framework. The fundamental elements of C language incorporate low-level admittance to memory, a basic arrangement of watchwords, and a perfect style, these highlights make C language reasonable for framework programmings like a working framework or compiler improvement.

Highlights of C Programming Language:

1. Procedural Language: In a procedural language like C bit by bit predefined directions are done. C program might contain more than one capability to play out a specific errand. New individuals to programming will imagine that this is the main way a specific programming language works. There are other programming standards also in the programming scene. The greater part of the regularly utilized worldview is an item arranged programming language.

2. Quick and Productive: Fresher dialects like java, python offer a larger number of highlights than c programming language yet because of extra handling in these dialects, their presentation rate gets down really. C programming language as the been center level language furnishes developers admittance to coordinate control with the PC equipment yet more elevated level dialects don't permit this. That is one reason C language is viewed as the best option to begin getting the hang of programming dialects. It's quick on the grounds that statically composed dialects are quicker than powerfully composed dialects.

3. Seclusion: The idea of putting away C programming language code as libraries for additional future purposes is known as measured quality. This programming language van does very little all alone a large portion of its power is held by its libraries. C language has its own library to tackle normal issues like in this we can utilize a specific capability by utilizing a header record put away in its library.

4. Statically Type: C programming language is a statically composed language. Meaning the sort of factor is checked at the hour of accumulation yet not at run time. This implies each time a developer type a program they need to make reference to the sort of factors utilized.

5. Universally useful Language: From framework programming to photograph altering programming, the C programming language is utilized in different applications. A portion of the normal applications where it's utilized are as per the following:

6. Rich arrangement of underlying Administrators: It is a broadened language with a rich arrangement of implicit administrators which are utilized recorded as a hard copy intricate or improved on C projects.

7. Libraries with rich Capabilities: Strong libraries and capabilities in C assist with night a fledgling coder to code easily.

8. Center Level Language: As it is a center level language so it has the consolidated type of the two capacities of low level computing construct and elements of the great level language.

9. Versatility: C language is richly compact as projects that are written in C language can run and gather on any framework with one or the other none or little changes.

10. Simple to Expand: Projects written in C language can be broadened implies when a program is written in it then, at that point, a few additional elements and tasks can be added to it.

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