Civil Engineering/R.C.C. Structure Designs MCQ Sample Test,Sample questions

Advantage of prestressed concrete member over equivalent strength R.C.C. member is

1.more durable

2.deformation is much less

3.dead weight is less

4. All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 06:03:38

Characteristic load means

1.mean load + 5% of standard deviation

2.mean load + 10% of standard deviation

3. maximum load

4.mean load

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:51:13

For water retaining structures, minimum grade of concrete to be used is

1. M 15

2. M 25

3.M 30

4. M 35

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 06:04:43

High carbon content in the steel causes

1.increase in tensile strength but decrease in ductility

2.decrease in tensile strength but increase in ductility

3. increase in tensile strength and ductility

4.decrease in both tensile strength and ductility

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 06:09:23

If Fe 415 steel bars are used as tensile reinforcement, minimum percentage of steel to be used is


2. 0.25



Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:27:12

In a public building ideal tread is

1.200 x 250 mm

2.220 x 260 mm

3.270 x 300 mm

4.300 x 350 mm

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 06:11:50

In a R.C. beam beam shear reinforcement should be always in the form of

1.Bent up bars with stirrups

2. Vertical stirrups

3. Inclined stirrups

4.Any one of the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:21:27

In a R.C. beam main reinforcement consists of 16 mm bars and coarse aggregate size used in 20 mm. The horizontal distance between two parallel reinforcing bars should not be less than

1.20 mm

2.25 mm

3.27 mm

4.30 mm

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:20:06

In a reinforced concrete retaining wall, a shear key is provided, if the

1.Retaining wall is not safe against overturning

2. Retaining wall is not safe against sliding

3.Shear force in the toe slab is more than that in the heel slab

4.Shear stress in the vertical stream is excessive

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 04:45:58

In cantilever retaining walls

1.toe slabs bend up and heal slab bends down

2.tow slab bends down and heal slab bends up

3.both toe and heal slab bend up

4. both slabs bend down

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:44:05

In the stem of counterfort retaining wall main reinforcements are

1.vertically upward on the face away from earth fill

2.vertically upward on earth face

3. horizontally away from earth face in some portion and on earth face in some other position

4.horizontally on earth face

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 06:07:46

In the working stress method of R.C.C. design factor of safety used for concrete and steel are respectively

1. 3 and 1.5

2.3 and 1.85

3. 4 and 2

4. 4 and 1.85

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:36:45

In the working stress method of R.C.C. design which one of the following is correct?

1.The modular ratio between steel and concrete remains constant

2.Shear deformations are neglected

3.Stress strain relation is linear, both for steel and concrete

4.All the above

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:22:51

IS 456-2000 recommends that the unsupported length of any column should not exceed _____ times the least lateral dimension of the column.





Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:54:51

M 45 concrete is regarded as

1. high strength concrete

2.ultra high strength concrete

3.standard concrete

4.ordinary concrete

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:45:07

M 75 concrete is regarded as

1.Ordinary concrete

2.Ultra high strength concrete

3.Standard concrete

4.High strength concrete

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:25:15

Pick up the incorrect statement
A : Standard hooks are provided in plain bars.
B : Standard bends are provided in high yield bars.
C : Standard hook or bend is provided in plain bars.

1.A and B are correct C is false

2.A and C are correct B is false

3.A is false B and C are correct

4.All the three are correct

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:52:39

Snow load need not be considered in the design of structures in cold regions, if slope of the root is more than

1. 25°


3. 60°


Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:26:11

Spacing of longitudinal bars measured along the periphery of R.C. column shall not exceed

1.200 mm

2.300 mm

3.400 mm

4.500 mm

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:58:01

The depth of footing required for an isolated column depends upon

1. single shear

2. double shear

3.bending moment

4.all the three above

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:58:59

The maximum area of tensile reinforcement to be used in a beam is to be restricted to

1. 0.004 x effective area of the section

2.0.04 x gross area of the section

3. 0.0057 x gross area of the section

4.0.057 x effective area of the section

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:54:04

The maximum spacing of vertical shear reinforcement for a beam of size 250 x 360 mm is

1. 250 mm

2.260 mm

3.270 mm

4.300 mm

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:38:12

The width of stairs in a residential building should be at least

1.600 mm

2.750 mm

3.850 mm

4.900 mm

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:42:15

Which of the following has high tensile strength?

1. Cold drawn wires

2.Thermo mechanically treated bars

3.Plain hot rolled wires

4.Mild steel

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:19:11

Which one of the following is not a post tensioning method?

1. Long line method

2.Lee-Macall system

3. Gifford udall system

4.Freyssinet system

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 06:01:14

Which one of the following is not the diameter of the market form of reinforcing bars?

1.28 mm

2.30 mm

3.32 mm

4.36 mm

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:24:01

Which one of the following is the correct statement about R.C. retaining wall

1.toe slab is provided with reinforcement at top face and heel slab at bottom face

2.toe slab and heel slab are provided with reinforcement at bottom face

3. slab and heel slab are provided with reinforcement at bottom face

4.toe slab and heel slab are provided with reinforcement at top face

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 06:00:13

Which one of the following statement is not correct about curtailment of positive reinforcement in a continuous member?

1. at least one third bards should extend into the support for a 3/4rd development of length

2. cut-off bars shall extend for a distance not less than effective depth of the member beyond theoretical cut-off point.

3.cut-off bars shall extend for a distance not less than 12 times the bar diameter beyond theoretical cut-off point.

4. mnimum two bards should extend throughout

Posted Date:-2022-09-27 05:56:45

Which one of the following statement is not correct regarding the torsional reinforcements to be provided in a slab with two adjustment edges discontinuous?

1.the length of each layer shall be of length 1/5th of the shorter span.

2.the total area of reinforcement shall be 3/4th the area required for the maximum moment at mid span

3. it consists of total four layers consists of two layers of reinforcement one at top and other at bottom

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