DHCP/DHCP Mcq Question Set 1 Sample Test,Sample questions

Question: (Assignable IP range - is

1. Class C

2.Class D

3.Class A

4. Class B

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:45:25

 Connection Oriented Protocol for end-to-end communication is called

1. Aging


3. IP

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:48:00

 DHCP audit logs are stored in ____

1. Multicast Scope

2.DNS PTR Record

3. Super Scope


Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:48:21

 internetworking protocol for routing packets over a network is called_____



3. TCP

4. Aging

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:51:53

 What is an important factor to consider when deploying the ProCurve NAC 800 using the DHCP quarantine method?

1.The IP address lease duration must be set to five minutes or less on the DHCP server.

2.The DHCP server requires one additional, non-overlapping scope for every existing DHCP scope.

3. A switch must support traffic mirroring for each DHCP server protected by the NAC 800.

4.Endpoint Integrity cannot be enforced for devices using static IP addresses.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:42:05

 what is DHCP 044?

1. DHCP options for IPv6

2.DHCP options DNS Servers

3.DHCP options WINS node type

4.DHCP options WINS Servers

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:59:07

 Which two tasks does the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol perform? 

1. Set the IP gateway to be used by the network.

2.Perform host discovery used DHCPDISCOVER message.

3.Configure IP address parameters from DHCP server to a host.

4.Provide an easy management of layer 3 devices.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:39:41

 You are configuring a ProCurve NAC 800 to operate using the DHCP quarantine method. Which parameters are specified when adding a quarantine area? 

1. IP address of the DHCP server

2.IP address of a RADIUS server

3.IP address of a default gateway

4.range of quarantine IP addresses

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:44:09

 _____. Is the process of placing timestamps on dynamically registered records




4. TCP

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:46:28

 _______ : Declares the host that's the most authoritative for the zone and, as such, is the best source of DNS information for the zone.

1. DNS PTR Record

2.DNS Start of Authority

3. DNS Monitoring tab

4. DNS A Record

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:45:45

A network is configured to support a ProCurve NAC 800 operating with the DHCP quarantine method. How does an endpoint transition from a quarantine IP address to a non-quarantine IP address after passing integrity testing?

1.The NAC 800 triggers the switch to re-authenticate the endpoint causing a new DHCP request to be issued.

2.The NAC 800 sends a DHCP release to the endpoint followed by a DHCP assignment message with the IP address.

3.The switch stops forwarding DHCP requests from the endpoint to the NAC 800 and instead sends them to the DHCP server.

4.Any subsequent DHCP request from the endpoint is allowed by the NAC 800 to pass to the DHCP server.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:42:30

A network is configured to support a ProCurve NAC 800 operating with the DHCP quarantine method. The NAC 800 is located between a ProCurve 3500yl switch and a DHCP server. How is DHCP traffic processed when an endpoint, that is currently unknown to the NAC 800, sends a DHCP request for an IP address?

1.The switch requests the endpoint’s integrity state from the NAC 800 before forwarding to the DHCP server.

2.If the NAC 800 receives a DHCP request addressed to the DHCP server, the request is blocked by the NAC 800.

3. The DHCP server checks the endpoint’s integrity state passed to it by the NAC 800 before responding with an IP address.

4. The DHCP server responds with a quarantine IP address initially and waits for the NAC 800 to indicate the endpoint has passed integrity testing.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:42:56

A ProCurve 3500yl switch is connected to port 1 of a ProCurve NAC 800 and a DHCP server is connected to port 2. The DHCP server IP address is The NAC 800 IP address is The IP address is assigned to VLAN 24 on the switch.
Which additional configuration settings would be appropriate for supporting a non-quarantine subnet and a quarantine subnet?

1.on the switch, a multinetted IP address of assigned to VLAN 24

2.on the NAC 800, the IP address of the DHCP server specified as

3.on the NAC 800, IP addresses through defined as exceptions

4. on the DHCP server, one scope for and a second scope for

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:41:19

A ProCurve 5406zl switch is connected to port 1 of a ProCurve NAC 800 and a DHCP server is connected to port 2 of the NAC 800. You are planning to deploy the ProCurve NAC 800 with the DHCP quarantine method using a shared subnet approach. Which configuration requirement must be satisfied?

1. The quarantine and non-quarantine subnets defined on the NAC 800 must be the same.

2.The switch requires that separate VLANs be defined for the quarantine and non-quarantine subnets.

3.Each switch VLAN supporting the endpoints must use a single IP helper set to the IP address of the NAC 800.

4.The scope on the DHCP server and the quarantine subnet on the NAC 800 must use non-overlapping IP addresses.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:43:21

DHCP servers dynamically update ____________ on behalf of clients using secure updates

1. DNS A Record

2.Automatic Backups

3.DNS PTR Record

4.A & PTR Records

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:49:25

DHCP ___ occur every 60 minutes

1.Multicast Scope

2.Super Scope

3.Subnet Mask

4.Automatic Backups

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:48:52

Dynamic DNS clients register their A records using a ______ method

1.DNS PTR Record


3.DNS A Record

4.Nonsecure Method

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:53:32

Every DHCP server must have at least one active scope to grant leases to clients

1. True


3.all of the above

4. All of the mentioned

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:55:27

How does a DHCP server dynamically assign IP address to host?

1.Addresses are allocated after a negotiation between the server and the host to determine the length of the agreement.

2.Addresses are assigned for a fixed period of time. At the end of period, a new quest for an address must be made, and another address is then assigned.

3.Addresses are leased to host. A host will usually keep the same address by periodically contacting the DHCP sever to renew the lease.

4.Addresses are permanently assigned so that the host uses the same address at all times.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:39:16

How is the message sent from a PC2 when is first powers on and attempts to contact the DHCP Server?

1.Layer 3 unicast

2.Layer 3 broadcast

3.Layer 3 multicast

4.Without any Layer 3 encapsulation

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:37:57

Name server designated as the recipient of forwarded queries is known as ____

1.Class B

2.Class C


4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:54:19

Refer to the exhibit. Which rule does the DHCP server use when there is an IP address conflict?

1.The address is removed from the pool until the conflict is resolved.

2.The address remains in the pool until the conflict is resolved.

3.Only the IP detected by Gratuitous ARP is removed from the pool.

4.Only the IP detected by Ping is removed from the pool.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:38:48

what is %systemroot%System32DHCP

1.DHCP Server Migration

2.DHCP red circle with X

3. DHCP Lease 4 part process

4.DHCP Database location

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:54:40

what is DHCP 003?

1.DHCP options

2.DHCP options for IPv6

3.DHCP options DNS Servers

4.DHCP options Router

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:59:31

What is the default behavior of R1 when PC1 requests service from DHCP server?

1.Drop the request

2.Broadcast the request to R2 and R3

3.Forward the request to R2

4. Broadcast the request to R2, R3 and ISP

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:38:25

What is the purpose of the DHCP server?

1. to provide storage for email

2. to translate URLs to IP addresses

3.to translate IPv4 addresses to MAC addresses

4.to provide an IP configuration information to hosts

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:37:34

Which configuration task is applicable to the ProCurve NAC 800 inline quarantine method?

1.Enable the internal firewall.

2.Specify one or more quarantine subnets.

3.Add IP address entries to the Accessible Services List.

4.Select the port to be used for connection to the external network.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:41:42

which Displays entries in DNS cache

1. ipconfig /displaydns

2. ipconfig /flushdns

3.Normal DHCP Scope

4. ipconfig /registerdns

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:55:48

which Identifies with parts of the IP adddress belong to the network ID and which parts belong to the host ID.

1. Class A

2.Subnet Mask

3.Super Scope


Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:58:18

which IP range is to /

1. Aging



4. All of the mentioned

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:46:46

which is the type of DNS Scopes

1.Normal DHCP Scope

2. Normal, Multicast, Super

3.Multicast Scope

4.Forward Lookup Zone

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:46:06

Which statement is correct regarding the operation of DHCP?

1.A DHCP client uses a ping to detect address conflicts.

2. A DHCP server uses a gratuitous ARP to detect DHCP clients.

3. A DHCP client uses a gratuitous ARP to detect a DHCP server.

4. If an address conflict is detected, the address is removed from the pool and an administrator must resolve the conflict.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:40:06

Which statements are true about the DHCP quarantine method? 

1.The DNS server for a quarantine subnet is assigned by the enterprise DHCP server.

2.A quarantine subnet consists of a set of IP addresses dynamically assigned to endpoints.

3.Endpoint Integrity can be managed for endpoints with static IP addresses by defining exceptions.

4.A non-quarantine IP address is assigned by the NAC 800 after an endpoint passes integrity testing.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:40:40

_____ - on server, server is not authrozied in Active Directory

1. DHCP white circle with green up arrow

2.DHCP white circle with red down arrow

3.DHCP red circle with X

4.DHCP Server Migration

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:51:23

_____ DNS tab for detailed troubleshooting

1. DNS PTR Record


3.DNS Event Logging tab

4.DNS Debug Logging tab

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:49:54

_____ interval is the period after the no-refresh interval during which the timestamp can be refreshed.

1. Refresh Interval

2.Class A

3.No-refresh Interval

4.DNS A Record

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:50:27

_____ is used for assigning Class D IP addresses and related network settings

1. Normal DHCP Scope

2.Super Scope

3. Class C

4.Multicast Scope

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:55:06

_____ is used to determine a computer's FQDN from it's IP address

1. Forward Lookup Zone

2.Normal DHCP Scope

3.Super Scope

4.Reverse Lookup Zone

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:57:03

_____ is used to determine the IP address of a computer from its FQDN

1.Forward Lookup Zone

2. Forwarder

3.Reverse Lookup Zone

4. Normal DHCP Scope

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:53:56

_____ Maps a host name to an IP address.

1.DNS A Record


3.Super Scope

4.DNS PTR Record

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:57:56

_____ Maps an IP address to a host name for reverse lookups

1.DNS A Record

2.A & PTR Records

3.Super Scope

4. DNS PTR Record

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:52:40

_____ Sets an alias for a host name

1.DNS Event Logging tab

2.DNS Debug Logging tab

3.DNS CNAME (canonical name)

4. All of the mentioned

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:44:58

_____is the process of deleting outdated (stale) resource records.

1. Class A




Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:56:14

______ DNS tab to perform basic tests of name resolution

1.DNS PTR Record

2.DNS Monitoring tab

3.DNS Debug Logging tab

4.DNS A Record

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:47:39

______ indicates that the DHCP server is authorized and active

1. DHCP Server Migration

2.DHCP white circle with green up arrow

3.DHCP white circle with red down arrow

4.DHCP red circle with X

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:47:08

______ interval is the period after the timestamp is set that must elapse before refresh can occur.

1.Nonsecure Method

2.Refresh Interval


4.No-refresh Interval

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:50:57

______ is used as containers for scopes

1.Super Scope

2.DNS PTR Record

3.Multicast Scope

4.Subnet Mask

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:57:29

______ scope is needed for Assigning Class A, B, C IP addresses and related network settings

1. Multicast Scope

2.Forward Lookup Zone

3.Super Scope

4.Normal DHCP Scope

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:52:20

_______netsh dhcp server scope add exclude range

1. Server core, create DHCP reservations

2. Server core, create DHCP exclusions

3.Server core start the DHCP service.

4. Server core, create DHCP scope.

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:59:54

_______Refreshes leased IP addresses and re-registers DNS

1.ipconfig /flushdns

2.ipconfig /registerdns

3.DNS A Record

4.ipconfig /displaydns

Posted Date:-2022-03-31 13:56:40


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