Aptitude/Teaching Aptitude Mcq Question Set 3 Sample Test,Sample questions

 A good test should not have -





Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:16:17

 A hypothesis should be conceptually -

1.convoluted, complex and generic

2.complex, tough and general

3.simple, clear and specific

4.obscure, complicated and simpl

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:32:02

 Change the following into Active Voice -
"The mason is provided with bricks and mortar by labourers."

1.Bricks and mortars are provided by laborers to the mason

2.Laborers provide the mason bricks and mortar

3.Laborers provide the mason with bricks and mortar

4.The mason provides with bricks and mortar to laborers

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:26:58

 Identify the statements that are consistent with the social model of disability -
1. Impairments should be fixed by medical or other treatments.
2. Disability is caused by the way society is organized.
3. Impairment is the focus of attention.
4. The children are valued in their own right.

1.2 and 4

2.1 and 3

3.1 and 4

4.2, 3 and 4

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:21:15

 If one of your students complains of injustice that she/ he has been awarded less marks, you would -

1.justify the evaluation done

2.ask him/ her to mind his/ her business

3.ask her to report to the principal as per rules 4)

4.allow comparison of her/ his script with other

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:43:02

 If the steps in an institutional planning are assigned codes as under -
1. Formulation of objective
2. Activities planned
3. Situational analysis
4. Monitoring mechanisms
5. Evaluation and feedback
What is the correct sequence of events?

1.2, 1, 3, 5, 4

2.3, 1, 2, 4, 5

3.1, 2, 3, 4, 5

4.3, 2, 1, 5, 4

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:36:32

 Listening is important for a teacher to -

1.address the requirement of the learner

2.gain knowledge

3.keep the learner in good homour

4. evaluate the learner for the grogress made

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:36:48

 Minimum Levels of Leaning (MLLs) (1991) were identified to -

1.combine quality with equity

2.help every child pass the class

3.make aware the parents about children's learning levels

4.reduce the work load of teachers

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:31:06

 Semantic barrier of communication is implied when the -

1.signal is lost before reaching the receiver

2.message transmitted by the source is unclear

3. receiver's attention is diverted

4.receiver does not understand the meaning of the message

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:39:27

 The classic format of the lesson plan is as per -

1. Herbertian steps

2.Hila Taba steps

3.Hilgardian steps

4.Herber's steps

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:15:26

 The concept of curriculum development excludes -

1.International considerations

2.Family aspirations

3.Societal goals

4.National goals

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:20:15

 The group in which independent variable is present, is known as -

1.Desired group

2.Control group

3.Experimental group

4.Extraneous group

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:52:24

 The idea behind supplementary learning material is to -

1.Provide material in less important areas

2. Increase learner's text reading interests

3.Further enrich learner's interest in various subjects

4.Provide material in the areas not covered by the teacher

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:12:36

 The most powerful factor affecting teaching effectiveness is -



3.Professional competence

4.Use of teaching aids

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:46:46

 The study of why does stressful living result in heart attack?
Can be classified as -

1.Descriptive research

2.Explanatory research

3.Correlational research

4.Feasibility research

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:37:32

 What should be the student-teacher ratio at the upper primary level in schools under the Right to Education (RTE) Act?

1.35 : 1

2.45 : 1

3. 15 : 1

4.25 : 1

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:43:13

 Which of the following information about the child need not be emphasized in guidance?

1.Child's previous experiences and examination results

2.Child's interest, aspiration and other qualities

3.Parents' religions, caste and Social status

4.Parental aspirations

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 06:05:13

 Which of the following was not the main consideration of Rabindranath Tagore while conceptualizing a World University - Viswa Bharti?

1.Going beyond aggressive nationalism

2.Building friendship with all nations

3.Emphasize cooperation bet-ween east and west

4.Emphasizing oriental philosophy

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:27:49

 Which one of the following is not a projective test of personality?

1.Personality inventories

2.Sentence completion test

3.Rorscha Ink Block test

4.Thematic Apperception test

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:30:18

. In a good school time-table, which one of the following is not desirable?

1. Assignment of subjects as per qualification teachers

2.Fixed provision of time and place for activities by teachers and students

3.Opportunity for equipment utilization

4.Provision for both longer and shorter periods

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:28:34

A good diagnostic test tells us about -

1.The level of accomplishment of children

2.The quality of classroom instruction

3.The area of child's weakness and the plausible reasons

4.The effectiveness of the teacher

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:43:41

A researcher examines the relationship between a natural disaster and the behaviours occur in that context. It is an example of which type of research?

1.Descriptive research

2.Experimental research

3.Simulation research

4.Correlational research

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:54:41

A science teacher has joined a rural school at the beginning of the academic session. Which of the following tests he should use?

1.Situational test

2.Diagnostic test

3.Achievement test

4. In basket test

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:14:32

Action Research is done by -

1.Scholars for a degree

2.Social workers for implementing projects

3.Practitioners for improving their practices

4.Educational planners and administrators

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:37:24

An itinerant teacher is one who is -

1. qualified to offer special services in different inclusive/ integrated schools

2.expert in a number of curricular areas

3. a special teacher appointed for a particular inclusive school

4.a special teacher appointed temporarily on ad hoc basis

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:18:17

During research, while recording observations if an observer rates an individual based on the rating given in another aspect of the interaction, this is termed as the -

1. Evaluation effect

2.Error of central tendency

3.Halo effect

4.Categorical effect

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:34:54

For conducting physics experiments, a science laboratory should necessarily have -

1.Gas connection

2.Drainage system

3.Availability of natural light and ventilation

4.Demonstration Table

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:57:00

In curricular construction, the act of dividing content as per the class levels will come under -

1.Selection of content

2.Gradation of content

3.Organisation of content

4.Classification of content

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:46:14

Inclusive education implies -

1.Ensuring learning outcome of every child to be the same

2.Including the disabled in the main stream

3.Provides compulsory education for children below 14 years

4. Ensuring that no child is left behind in education

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:35:52

Inductive argument proceeds from -

1.Universal to Particular

2.Particular to Universal

3.Universal to Universal

4.Particular to Particular

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:42:04

It is suggested that a teacher can improve her/ his communication by following ........ C's and ......... S's. Which of the below given alternative holds true?

1.Six C's and three S's

2.Eight C's and four S's

3.Seven C's and four S's

4.Seven C's and three S's

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:13:34

Longitudinal Studies are a type of :

1.Historical Studies

2.Survey Studies

3.Developmental Studies

4. Philosophical Studies

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:56:14

Mailed questionnaire, observation, interview and collective questionnaire are instances of -

1.Secondary sources

2.Personal sources

3.Primary sources

4.Tertiary sources

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:33:52

One essential feature of a good teaching aid is -

1.Low cost


3.Involving participation of maximum senses

4.Easy to handle

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:48:47

Peer group interaction in a classroom helps in -

1.Concept understanding

2.Realization of One's misunderstanding

3.Rapport Building


Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:30:59

Reflective practice implies use of one's -



3.Metacognition on cognition

4.Reinforcement of learning

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:32:50

Research design is characterised as -




4.All of the these

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:53:34

Role of teacher an Front Line Curriculum happens to be of a/ an -

1.Academic Leader

2.Pace Setter

3.Neutral person


Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:31:52

The formulation of a research problem can be compared to -

1.Laying the foundation of a building

2.Building the walls of a home

3.Polishing the doors of a building

4.Constructing the ceiling of a house

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:30:08

The operational definition of variable indicates as to how that variable may be -





Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:55:32

The phenomenon in telecommunication and media industry to integrate services, content, offerings and means of communication under one core technology is termed as -


2.On-line communication


4.Integrated media

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:22:04

The purpose of achievement tests is not to -

1.Know what students have learnt

2.Know the areas where the learners are week

3.Grade learners as sharp, weak and average

4.Ascertain the fulfillment of scholastic goals

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:19:03

The term 'Grape-vine communication' refers to -

1.formal communication

2.Informal communication

3.advertisement and publicity

4.selective perception

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:17:09

The utilization of smart classroom facility depends upon -

1.Computer literacy



4.Student's age

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:48:21

Types of resources available to a teacher for professional development and learning includes :
1. Professional literature
2. Colleagues
3. Professional associations
4. Professional development activities

1.only 1

2.only 2

3.1, 2, 3 and 4

4.None of these

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:49:44

What is meant by plus curriculum for special needs children?

1.Additional curriculum for special needs children

2.Curriculum on skill areas which are specific to special difficulties of CWSN

3.A modified curriculum for education of the children with special needs (CWSN)

4.Lessons or academic content meant for CWSN

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:23:58

What is the main reason for programmes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan not being able to yield desired educational outcomes?

1. Teachers are in short supply

2.Inspection and supervision is weak

3.Quality dimensions are not monitored properly

4.Children come from impoverished backgrounds

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:32:59

When the learning outcomes of students are ensured with employment of less resources and effort on the part of a teacher and more initiative for self-learning is evident, which of the following expression will describe the teacher most appropriately?

1.Teacher is successful

2.Teacher is effective

3.Teacher is intelligent

4. Teacher is practical

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:29:05

Which of the following are characteristic features of communication?
1. It involves exchange of ideas, facts and opinions
2. It is a continuous process
3. It is both verbal and nonverbal
4. It is synchronous in nature

1.1, 2 and 4

2.2, 3 and 4

3.1, 3 and 4

4.1, 2 and 3

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:49:56

Which of the following component are made the cultural Environment?

1.Economic component

2.Social component

3.Political component

4.All of these

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:44:19

Which of the following indicators is/ are treated as 'Anthropometric' measurements for Preschool children?
I. Height/ Length
II. Weight
III. Mid-upper arm circumference
IV. Triceps skin fold thickness
V. Sub scapular skin fold thickness

1.Only I, II and III

2.Only II, III, IV and V

3.Only II and III

4. I, II, III, IV and V

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:27:51

Which of the following is a stage of intrapersonal communication?

1.Phatic stage

2.Intimate stage

3. Personal stage

4.Transcendental communication

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:38:33

Which of the following is not true about M. R. children?

1.They lack in ability to generalize

2.They feel difficulty in abstraction

3.They are poor in communication ability

4.They can understand cause effect relationship

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:24:48

Which of the following is the social Pollution?

1.Social and Educational Backwardness


3.Population Explosion

4.All of the these

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:45:27

Which of the following plans may be least learner centered?

1.Instructional plan

2.Unit plan

3. Lesson plan

4.Activity plan

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:22:59

Which of the following signifies non-verbal communication in an essential way?

1.Instructions written on a question paper

2.Learner attending an online class

3.The dress followed by an individual

4.Yoga instructor teaching yoga poses to the pupils

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:40:45

Which one is not considered a theory of motivation?

1.Self Actualization Theory

2.Psychoanalytic Theory

3.Interference Theory

4.Achievement Motivation Theory

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:42:12

Which one of the following is not an aim of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan?

1.All children to be in school

2.Most of the children get vocational education

3.Bridging all gender and social category gaps

4.All children complete eight years of schooling

Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:35:19

Which one of the following is not an element of creativity?





Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:26:51

Which one of the following learner's characteristic not affects the efficiency of their learning?

1.Mental maturity




Posted Date:-2022-02-21 10:51:22

Which philosophy of education termed the role of a teacher as mere guide and observer?





Posted Date:-2022-02-21 09:45:23


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