Aptitude/Teaching Aptitude Mcq Question Set 2 Sample Test,Sample questions

 An individual's ability to communicate effectively with others is called -

1.Interpersonal re framing

2.Interpersonal dualism

3.Interpersonal competence

4.Interpersonal comfort

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:37:58

 Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is the school context, implies -

1.continuous monitoring of teacher's performance

2.assessment not to be spread over the total instructional time

3.assessment of both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of children's learning

4.making teacher accountable to both parents and school authorities

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:01:12

 If the students are classified on the basis of intelligence level, the average group will comprise of middle ...........

1.33.33 per cent

2.40.00 per cent

3.50.00 per cent

4.68.26 per cent

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:51:30

 In Educational technology, application of psychology is known as -

1.Software approach

2.Hardware approach

3.Pedagogic approach

4.Systems analysis

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:39:37

 Which measure of central tendency represents a point and not a value?





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:49:19

 Which one of the following may be harmful in terms of effective decision-making by the group members?

1. Extreme cohesiveness

2.Commitment for the goal

3.Honesty and credibility

4.Effective training and experience

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:46:57

 You have a difference of opinion with somebody, how you would express most humbly?

1.You are wrong !

2.You speak rubbish

3.You don't know about it

4.I don't agree with your opinion

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:15:44

A case of complex problems group performance is higher in -

1.Centralized network

2.Restricted network

3.Problem oriented network

4.Decentralized network

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:26:12

A good Head of School is one who -

1.understands educational administration and applies its principles in Toto

2.does not compromise with misconduct

3.is flexible in approach and works cooperatively with human touch

4.allows freedom to teachers and students in their affairs

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:52:37

A group effort of generating alternative ideas that can help a manager solve a problem is called -

1.The Delphi technique

2.Out of the box thinking

3.The nominal group technique


Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:24:00

According to communication as interaction perspective, feedback is -

1.never intentional

2.always intentional

3.seldom useful

4.sometimes unintentional

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:27:07

As per RTE Act 2009, a full time head-teacher is provided in a school having classes sixth to eighth where admission of children is above -





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:55:34

As per RTE Act 2009, preparation of the school development plan is the responsibility of -

1.School Head Teacher

2.School Management Committee

3.Block Education Officer

4.Cluster Resource Person

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:54:37

Behaviour indications are used in the learning theory given by -





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:06:49

Best way to monitor progress is -

1.monitoring by superiors

2.self monitoring

3.monitoring by peers

4. societal monitoring

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:53:46

Children take more interest in classroom activities when -

1.teacher behaves in a friendly manner

2.subject matter is very easy to comprehend

3. teacher commands a good personality

4.classroom activities closely relate to their own experience

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:10:02

Conditions of learning were given by -


2.Robert Gagne



Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:07:58

Heads of governments of almost all the countries have decided to take many urgent initiatives to address the climate change issue. This shows that -

1.There were no steps taken in the past

2.The steps taken in the past were very good

3.The effects of climate change are more severe today

4.There is unnecessary pressure on the heads of governments now

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:17:14

If you want to address or to make aware all the citizens of your state about a particular programme, then which of the following is the most appropriate communication ?

1.Small group communication

2.Two-way communication

3.Non-verbal communication

4.Mass communication

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:25:35

In interpersonal communication the functions at source-receiver are performed by -

1.Other individual

2.Each individual

3.Third party

4.Neutral party

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:38:43

In the modern era of fast technological advancement, what could be its most serious side effect?

1.Role of teachers would vanish

2.Class-rooms would become smart

3.Learning would become easier

4. Moral values would get eroded

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:44:51

In which of the following decision-making style low tolerance for ambiguity is found?

1.Analytical style

2.Conceptual style

3.Directive style

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:28:06

Interpersonal communication includes
(i) Active listening
(ii) Persuasion
(iii) Suitable language
(iv) Feedback

1.(i), (iii) and (iv) only

2.(ii), (iii) and (iv) only

3.(i), (ii) and (iii) only

4.(i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:13:36

Moral values can be best inculcated amongst students by -

1.arranging lectures of eminent persons

2.co-curricular activities

3.relevant literature

4.teacher as a role model

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:41:34

Operation Black Board was initiated as a follow up of recommendations of -

1.NPE 1986


3.Kothari Commission (1964- 66)

4.National Curriculum for Elementary and Secondary Education - A Framework 1988

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:43:50

People with good interpersonal skills are required in an organisation because -

1.They are more productive.

2.They look for solutions to problems.

3. They have positive attitude towards their work.

4.All of these

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:26:50

Proxemics is related to -

1.Neutral Communication

2.Unidirectional Communication

3.Verbal Communication

4.Non-verbal Communication

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:18:27

Social mobility does not promote -

1.higher positions to deserving persons

2.welfare and happiness

3. pride and snobbery

4.remedy for maladjustment

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:15:00

Statement : Should school education be made free in India?
Arguments :
I. Yes, this is the only way to improve the level of literacy.
II. No, it will add to the already heavy burden on the exchequer.
Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

1.Only argument I is strong

2.Neither argument I nor II is strong

3.Only argument II is strong

4.Both argument I and II are strong

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:34:10

Students respect their teacher primarily owing to his/ her -

1.legal authority

2. personal integrity and goodwill

3.popularity and influence

4.adult status

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:13:16

Teacher should begin a new topic or lesson with -

1.teacher's own experiences

2.some interests already possessed by students

3.an overview of the subject

4.explaining the importance of the subject

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:46:25

That new student says that I am his favorite professor and he must be telling the truth, because no student would lie to his favorite professor. Identify the fallacy involved in the passage.

1.Complex question


3.Petition principle

4.False cause

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:44:05

The concept of primary mental abilities was given by -





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:08:51

The corporal punishment in schools has been prohibited by the -

1.Child Labour Prohibition Act

2.National Policy on Education 1986

3. National Curriculum Frame-work 2005

4.RTE Act, 2009

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:02:45

The decision making style that overly concerned with keeping everyone happy is called -

1.Conceptual style

2. Directive style

3.Behavioural style

4.Analytical style

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:10:09

The essence of decision-making is -

1.Problem solving

2.Choosing between alternatives

3.Developing alternative course of action


Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:33:14

The first step in decision-making is to -

1.establish priorities

2.establish specific goals

3.identify and define the problem

4.determine courses of action

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:44:55

The Golden Rule is basic to every system of ethics ever devised and everyone accepts it in some form or other. It is therefore, undeniably sound moral principle.
It involves the fallacy of -

1.Argumentum ad Populum

2.Argumentum ad Verecundiam

3.Argumentum ad Misericordiam

4.Argumentum ad Ignoratiam

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:31:31

The key element for effective interpersonal communication is -



3.Active listening

4.Ego-centric reinforcement

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:17:39

The new Principal of the school has urged each student in the school to do yoga on a regular basis. This implies that -

1.The Principal thinks that yoga is as important as studies

2.All students were doing yoga but not regularly before he took over as Principal

3.There was no yoga practice before he took charge

4.He feels that yoga is good for physical and mental health of the childre

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:18:13

The study of temporal communication is known as -





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:32:07

The tendency of members in a highly cohesive group to lose critical evaluative decision making capabilities is called -

1.Group think


3.Group polarization

4.Cognitive dissonance

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:10:49

What are the barriers to effective communication?

1.Moralising, being judgemental and comments of consolation

2.Dialogue, summary and self review

3.Use of simple words, cool reaction and defensive attitude

4.Personal statements, eye contact and simple narration

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:25:14

When you become other oriented, you -

1. consider needs, motives, desires of others while maintaining your own integrity

2.encourage others to give you direction

3.take a submissive position in your relationship with others

4.assume that others are always right

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 17:37:15

Which factors influence the choice of communication partners?

1.Proximity, utility, loneliness

2.Utility, secrecy, dissonance

3.Secrecy, dissonance, deception

4.Dissimilarity, dissonance, deviance

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:42:26

Which of the following are influencing factors of interpersonal skill ?
(i) Experience
(ii) Appearance
(iii) Family
(iv) Friends

1. (ii), (iii) and (iv)

2. (i), (ii) and (iii)

3. (i), (ii) and (iv)

4. (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:22:15

Which of the following decision-making technique involves structured rules for generating ideas?


2.Delphi technique

3.Nominal group technique

4.Ordinal group technique

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:40:02

Which of the following information about the child need not be emphasized in guidance?

1.Child's previous experiences and examination results

2.Child's interest, aspiration and other qualities

3.Parents' religions, caste and Social status

4.Parental aspirations

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:16:43

Which of the following is included in interpersonal skill ?

1.One's ability to give correct answer to the question.

2.One's ability to interact effectively with other people.

3.One's ability to do his/ her work properly.

4.One's ability to present ideas at a conference.

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:21:06

Which of the following is not an interpersonal barrier in organizational communication?




4. Impression management

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:20:01

Which of the following was not the main consideration of Rabindranath Tagore while conceptualizing a World University - Viswa Bharti?

1. 1) Going beyond aggressive nationalism

2.Building friendship with all nations

3.Emphasize cooperation bet-ween east and west

4.Emphasizing oriental philosophy

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:18:06

Which one of the following behavior is the most appropriate for diffusing verbal abuse of coworkers?

1.Become defensive

2.Get into debate

3. Refuse to accept harmful language

4.Keep aggressive body language

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:19:21

Which one of the following constitutes first step in the sequence of concept formation?





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:12:15

Which one of the following is not a rule for estimating the likelihood of outcomes of any decision?

1.Assessing utility




Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:08:57

Which one of the following is not a rule for estimatings the subjective probability of outcomes of any decision?

1.Assessing utility




Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:30:40

Which one of the following is not an element of creativity?





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 18:17:14

Which one of the following is related with organisational ecology?

1. Centralized Communication

2.Upward Communication

3.Lateral Communication 4)

4.Downward Communication

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:16:48

Which one of the following refers to the framing effect in the context of decision making?

1.The way in which options are presented influence the selection of option

2.Choosing the option having highest expected utility

3.A kind of set points of thought in wrong direction

4.Looking for evidences that will confirm what are currently believes

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 15:15:54

You are a warden of a hostel. The mess contractor files a complains that some students take mess food to feed the stray animals incurring financial losses to him.
What will you do?

1.Will Pacify the situation and help in making up losses in some other way

2.Will try to avoid the complaint by not responding so that there is no problem

3.Will levy additional charges on all hostel residents to take care of food expenses of stray animals

4.Will investigate the matter and forbid them from doing illegal activities

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:21:29

You have an exam tomorrow and a friend of yours approaches you at your home for help to understand Newton's law. What will you do?

1.Ask your mother to tell your friend that you are not at home

2.Meet your friend and tell him that you don't understand Newton's law to save your time for preparation

3.Sit with your friend and try to explain Newton's law to him

4.Tell him that you will let him copy in case Newton's law is asked in the exam

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 16:19:35


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