Aptitude/Teaching Aptitude Mcq Question Set 1 Sample Test,Sample questions

 A teacher should inculcate moral values among students for their -

1. Physical development

2.Mental development

3.Emotional development

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:43:27

 As a teacher, which quality do you consider as most important quality of student -

1.Independent thinking skill

2.Humanity in nature

3.Obedient in behaviour

4.Trust on friends

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:50:55

 If any student of your class is misbehaving and disturbing the whole class, what behaviour you should opt?

1.You should give him an opportunity for improvement

2.You should expell the student from the class

3.You should isolate the student

4.You should ignore the behaviour

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:21:00

 If the student is not able to answer a question, then what should a teacher do?

1. Ask easier question

2.Punish the student

3.Pass the question to other students

4.Ask the student to sit down and tell the correct answer himself

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:11:33

 If you are teaching in the class and a student suddenly asks question, you will -

1.Answer the question

2.Show anger for creating disturbance

3.Encourage to search answer himself

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:25:43

 In the communication process, successful transfer of message can be checked through -



3. Feedback

4. Passive decoding

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:37:40

 Interaction inside the classroom should generate from -





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:22:53

 Study of ........ improves a student's ability to experiment and analyse -





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:01:06

 Teacher's class-room behaviour should be good because -

1. It will set an example

2.Student will be more attentive

3.Environment would be conducive to learning

4.Students will appreciate it

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:03:08

 Teaching aids are useful because they -

1.Help teacher's work

2.Activate all senses

3.Help students to be attentive

4.Make learning more meaningful

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:03:52

 The main aim of teaching should be -

1.To develop only thinking

2.To develop only reasoning

3.Both (A) and (B)

4. To give information

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:35:35

 The objective of organizing cocurricular activities in school should be -

1.To utilize the time

2.For amusement of students

3.For the physical development of students

4.For the development of different skills among students

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:07:59

 Which among the following gives more freedom to the learner to interact?

1.Use of film

2.Lectures by experts

3.Small group discussion

4.Viewing country wide classroom programme on TV

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:28:28

 Which of the following decision makers are tend to be good at discovering creative solutions to the problems?

1.Directive style decision makers

2.Analytic style decision makers

3.Conceptual style decision makers

4.Behavioral style decision makers

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:46:11

 Which of the following is an example of organisational silence in upward communication?




4. Lack of response

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:41:12

 Which of the following is the most challenging situation for a teacher -

1.To make teaching-learning more effective

2.Discipline among the students

3. Adjustment with learning environment

4.Planning of teaching

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:15:24

 While preparing time table for school, a teacher should keep in mind -

1.Human resources of the school

2.Physical resources of the school

3.Scheduled time of school

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:11:16

 While you are teaching, you feel that most of the students are not attentive. What will be your reaction?

1.You will ask them to pay attention

2.You will change the teaching method

3.You will leave the class

4.You will continue teaching in same way

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:35:41

A teacher can establish rapport with his student by -

1.Playing the role of a guide

2.Becoming a figure of authority

3.Becoming a friend to the students

4.Impressing students with knowledge and skill

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:32:04

A teacher is known successful if -

1.Impart knowledge to their students

2.Help students to become a good citizen

3.Prepare students to pass the examination

4.Present subject matter in well organized manner

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:21:59

A teacher should arrange students in the classroom in such a way that -

1.Students are close to each other

2.Students are separated from each other

3.Teacher can make eye contact with every student

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:13:26

A teacher should have the knowledge of the -


2. Child psychology

3.Teaching technology

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:06:55

After entering the class, what would you like to do at first?

1.Start teaching of the chapter

2.Manage the class

3.Start writing on the Black-board

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:30:16

An effective teacher is one who can -

1.Control the class

2.Motivate students to learn

3.Correct the assignments carefully

4.Give more information in less time

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:34:16

As a teacher you should have the ability -

1.To recognise the individual differences

2.To motivate students for self learning

3. To develop good qualities among students

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:16:25

Classroom communication must be -

1. Student-centric




Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:24:36

Cross-departmental Committees are the form of -

1.Optimum Communication

2. Upward Communication

3. Downward Communication

4.Lateral Communication

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:36:52

Education is a powerful instrument of -

1.Social transformation

2.Cultural transformation

3.Personal transformation

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:31:14

For effective communication in classroom, a teacher should have ability to -

1.Manage classroom communication

2.Transfer the knowledge

3. Use the body language

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:42:29

If a student misbehave in your class, what should you do?

1. Ignore him

2.Punish him with verbal messages

3.Punish him with non-verbal messages

4.Separately call and counsel him

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:09:52

If some of the students in your class are not doing home work regularly, then you will -

1.Ignore them

2.Try to know the reason and help them

3. Not allow them to sit in the class

4.None of above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:08:22

If you ask a question in your class and a student gives incomplete answer, what will you do?

1.Reject the answer

2.Reframe the question

3.Provide reinforcement

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:45:31

In a valid standard form of categorical syllogism, if predicate term is distributed in the conclusion, then it must be distributed -

1.in both the premises

2.in minor premises

3. in major premises

4.in none of the premises

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:50:43

In teaching-learning process, which type of activity is used?




4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:20:20

In which type of communication network there is likelihood of emergence of a group leader but lower satisfaction among the member of the group?

1.Wheel type

2.Circle type

3.Chain type

4.Barred type

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:42:13

Learning in the mother tongue helps a student to ....... the subject-matter.


2. Create new knowledge


4.Easily comprehend

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:05:36

Maximum participation of students in teaching is possible through which method of teaching -

1.Lecture method

2. Discussion method

3.Narration method

4.Story telling method

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:48:39

Pleasure' is related to 'Joy' in the same way as 'Diligent' is related to '.....'





Posted Date:-2022-02-20 09:59:55

Probability is an attribute of -

1.An inductive argument

2.A deductive argument

3.Disjunctive proposition

4.Categorical proposition

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:49:17

Teacher training is necessary because it -

1.Increase teaching skills

2.Understand methods of school organisation

3.Upgrade knowledge of content

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:02:15

Teacher's relationship with students should be good as -

1.Students feel comfortable in class

2.They like the subject taught by him

3.Learning environment is created

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:28:34

The essence of an effective classroom environment is -

1.Strict discipline

2.Pin-drop silence

3.A variety of teaching aids

4.Lively student-teacher interaction

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:27:12

The main objective of teaching at Higher Education level should be -

1.To give new information

2.To prepare students to pass examination

3.To develop the capacity to take decisions

4.To motivate students to ask questions during lecture

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:33:17

To be an effective teacher, a teacher should use -

1.Text-book method

2.Lecture method

3.Various innovative methods

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:26:57

Value education is important for -

1. Inculcation of virtues

2. Making a student healthy

3.Making a student to get a job

4.All round development of personality

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:30:24

What is the main purpose of Home work?

1.To force the students to study at home

2.To develop the habit of self study

3.To check the learning of the students

4.To engage parents in child's study

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:44:41

What is the most important thing in a class in reference to a teacher?

1.Statement given by teacher


3.Teaching material

4.Teaching methods

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:09:22

What method a teacher should follow, while asking questions in the classroom -

1.A teacher should ask as many as question possible

2. Maximum number of questions in a fixed period of time

3.Many meaningful questions in a fixed time period

4.As many question as possible

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:20:13

What will you do to develop spirit of learning-together among your students?

1.Form smaller study groups

2.Motivate students to help each other

3.Change the composition of groups from time to time

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:17:41

What will you do to develop spirit of learning-together among your students?

1.Form smaller study groups

2.Motivate students to help each other

3.Change the composition of groups from time to time

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:19:27

What will you do, if your students do not take interest in studies -

1.You will try to make your teaching more interesting

2.You will ignore the situation

3.You will try to change your teaching methods

4.You will try to find the reason behind it

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:12:48

When a student frequently ask question in the classroom, how should teacher behave with him -

1.Call the student after the class

2.Encourage the student for asking questions

3.Encourage the student to solve the question him/her self

4.Ask him/her not to ask questions again and again

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:14:10

Which of the following is NOT a communication barrier related to noise?

1.Perceptual problems

2.Information overload

3.Dyadic archetypes

4.Cultural differences

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:38:36

Which of the following is NOT a form of positive listening?

1.Diagnostic listening

2.Reflective listening

3.Empathic listening

4.Judgmental listening

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:39:32

Which of the following is the most lively situation in classroom environment -

1.Silence in the classroom

2. Discussion among students

3.Discussion between students and teacher

4.Laughter in the classroom

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:17:42

Which of the following may be the cause of slow learning?

1.Long distance of school from home

2.Lack of basic knowledge

3.Having limited friends

4.All the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 10:14:56

Which of the following quality is most important for a good teacher -

1.He should be expert in his subject

2.He should always be well dressed

3.He should have patience in his nature

4.He should be a learned person

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:18:26

Which of the following statement is correct for the process of learning -

1. Learning occurs in formal situations

2.Learning occurs in both formal and informal situations

3.Learning occurs in both formal and informal situations

4.None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 12:47:44

Which one is the best way for a teacher to establish rapport with students -

1.To become a friend of students

2. To become a guide of students

3.To become a ruler of students

4.To become a dictator in the class

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:16:41

Which one of the following is a paralinguistic cue in communication?

1.Facial expression


3.Tonal pitch


Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:43:40

Which one of the following shows the self-confidence of a teacher -

1.Social behaviour of the teacher

2.Personality of the teacher

3.Authority of the subject

4.Richness of the teacher

Posted Date:-2022-02-20 13:10:17


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