Project Management/Project Management Mcq Question Set 4 Sample Test,Sample questions

 A time-phased budget that project managers use to measure and monitor cost performance.

1.Cost Baseline

2.Cost Budgeting

3.Cost Estimating

4.Cost Variance

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 Costs that are not directly related to the products or services of the project, but are indirectly related to performing the project.

1.Intangible Costs

2.Sunk Cost

3.Tangible Costs

4.Indirect Costs

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 Developing a technology is an example of

1. Process

2. Project


4.All of the above

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 Five dimensions that must be managed on a project

1.Constraint, Quality, Cost, Schedule, Staff

2. Features, Quality, Cost, Schedule, Staff

3.Features, priority, Cost, Schedule, Staff

4.Features, Quality, Cost, Schedule, customer

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 If the Earned Value is equal to Actual Cost, it means:

1.Project is on budget and on schedule

2. Schedule Variance Index is 1

3.There is no schedule variance

4. There is no cost variance

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 In high collectivist cultures, leaders need to emphasize:

1.Long-tem implications of the change on the wider community

2.Short- term implications of the change on the wider community

3.Material implications of the change on the wider community

4.Personal implications of the change on the wider community

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 The five stages of the coping cycle are (in order):

1. Denial, defence, discarding, adaptation, internalization

2. Defence, denial, discarding, adaptation, internalization

3.Denial, resistance, discarding, adaptation, internalization

4.Denial, defence, resistance, adaptation, internalization

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 The latest finish time for an activity:

1.Equals the min. of LFT − t for all immediate successors

2. Equals the max. of LFT − t for all immediate predecessors.

3.Equals the max. of EST + t for all immediate predecessors.

4.Equals the min. of EST + t for all immediate successors.

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 What does IRBI stand for?

1.Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India

2. Industrial Rehabilitation Bank of India

3.Industrial Refinance Bank of India

4. Industrial Revenue Bank of India

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:24:09

 When a company has been financed by consortium of banks, who has to report toBIFR about the sickness?

1. Lead Bank

2.Participating Banks

3. Company

4.None of the Above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:24:43

 Which is the first stage in the project management model?

1.Understanding the project environment

2.Project definition

3.Project control

4.Project planning

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:02:02

A clear hierarchy of objectives in the project definition would NOT normally contain:

1. The purpose

2.An End result

3.Success criteria

4.Control mechanisms

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:02:25

A critical path network diagram does NOT:

1.Help determine the amount of float

2.Identify the particularly important activities

3.Calculate earned value

4.Calculate the duration of the whole project

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:46:27

A Gantt chart is used to show a project timeline diagramatically.

1. True




Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:47:06

A mean for monitoring and controlling organization's strategic projects is

1.Project Monitoring process

2. Project Portfolio Process

3.Project Portfolio Plan

4.Project Portfolio Phase

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:42:34

An uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on a project objectives is termed.

1.Random Chance




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Changes to the project involve moving from:

1.Project control stage to project definition stage

2.Project control stage to project planning stage

3.Project control stage to understanding the project environment stage

4.None of the above

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Considers the total cost of ownership, or development plus support costs, for a project.

1.Learning Curve Theory

2.Life Cycle Costing

3. Parametric Modeling

4.Rate of Performance

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Constructive and destructive anger can be distinguished from each other by the

1.intensity of the anger

2.flexibility of the anger

3.duration of the anger

4. both a and c

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Constructive and destructive conflict are distinguished from each other in which of the following ways?

1.constructive conflict is We-oriented; destructive conflict is Me-oriented

2.constructive conflict is characterized by de-escalation of the conflict; destructive conflict is characterized by escalation of the conflict

3.constructive conflict is characterized by cross-complaining; destructive conflict is characterized by flexibility

4.Both a and b

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Cotton is an example of ________ raw material.

1. Mineral Product

2. Industrial Product

3.Marine Product

4.none of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:26:00

Dunphy and Stace (1993) identified:

1.Three styles of change management

2. Two styles of change management

3. Four styles of change management

4. Five styles of change management

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:37:56

End use method of demand forecasting involves

1.Identify the possible uses of product

2.Define the consumption coefficient of the Product for various uses

3.Both a and b

4. None of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:26:37

Evaluation process of proposed projects or groups of projects is known as:

1.Project Analysis

2.Project Compilation

3.Project selection

4.Project Documentation

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:59:33

Favored technique for resolving conflict is



3.Removal of participants

4.Not entertaining them

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:43:50

For any project word objective is held to be synonymous with


2. Option


4. Assumption

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:00:52

For rehabilitating a sick unit, role of Industry Associations include

1.Installed Capacity Utilisation in industry

2.Checking the growth trends

3.Checking the problems

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:22:55

Government Policies as an external cause of sickness includes

1.Unfavourable Government Policies

2.Lack of Support from Government

3.Taxation and Licensing

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:23:30

How can organisational structures that are characterised by democratic and inclusive stylesof management be described?





Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:27:25

How will conflicts over resources/facility usage between this and other projects be settled?", is critically settled at level

1.Main program

2. Project formation

3. Project Buildup

4.Project Buildup

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:41:16

In corporate costs, cost incurred to finance construction of new equipment are classified as

1.treasury costs

2.discretionary costs

3. human resource management costs

4.corporate administration costs

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:58:24

In estimation of cost functions, variations in a single activity level represents the

1.related total costs

2. related fixed cost

3. related variable cost

4. related per unit cost

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:55:40

In high power distance cultures:

1.change tends to be implemented top down.

2.change tends to be implemented bottom up.

3. leaders must consult lower level employees.

4.change tends to be implemented horizontally.

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:35:48

Level which includes disposition of project’s assets and personnel, is

1.First Stage

2.Second Stage

3.Third stage

4.Fourth stage

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:41:54

Listing goals of each existing and proposed project is first step in

1.Data Collection

2. Establishment of Project council

3.Prioritizing the projects

4.Identification of project categories

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:00:33

Managers should manage their firm’s resources with the prime objective of ___

1.Employee Satisfaction

2.Fulfillment of Tax Obligations

3.Enhancing the firm’s Market Value

4.None of the Above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:25:23

Nature of interrelationships between components in a system defines the

1.Function of system

2.Structure of system

3.Environment of system

4.Platform of system

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:59:52

Projects provide an excellent growth environment for future executives and for developing

1.Sales skills

2.Manufacturing skills

3. Managerial skills

4.Execution skills

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:43:10

Relationship based on unrelated level of activity and past data of cost is measured withhelp of

1.cost estimation

2. price estimation

3.unit estimation

4. production estimation

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:54:58

Resource requirement in project becomes constant while the project is in its _____ progress stage.

1.40 to 55%

2.55 to 70%

3.70 to 80%

4.80 to 95%

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:49:50

The cost impact of a risk event occurring as a project proceeds through its life cycle tends to

1.Slowly rise

2.Slowly drop

3.Drop sharply and then level out

4.Rise sharply and then level out

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:59:12

The cost reduction technique in comparison to the worth of a product is known as

1.Reverse engineering

2.Value engineering

3.Material engineering

4.Quality engineering

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:28:53

The primary deliverable from the project identification and selection phase is a:

1.schedule of specific IS development projects.

2. Statement of Work.

3.mission statement. strategy.

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:03:08

The project life cycle consists of

1.Understanding the scope of the project

2.Objectives of the project

3. Formulation and planning various activities

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:48:27

The three stages of the change process are:

1.unfreezing, adjustment, and refreezing.

2.adjustment, unfreezing, and refreezing.

3. adjustment, unfreezing, and re-adjustment.

4.adjustment, re-adjustment, and unfreezing.

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:36:36

Value analysis examines the

1.Design of every component

2.Method of manufacturing

3.Material used

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:29:27

What are the two types of change management?

1.Real change and superficial change

2.Incremental change and circular change

3. Radical change and transformational change

4.Incremental change and tr

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What is the critical path through the network above?





Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:44:29

What would be the critical path if the duration of activity C increased to 10?





Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:45:07

When classifying and ranking projects, which of the following refers to the amount and type of resources the project requires and their availability?

1. Value chain availability

2.Business placement

3.Resource availability

4.Potential benefits

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:03:35

When classifying and ranking projects, which of the following refers to the extent to which the project is viewed as helping the organization achieve its strategic objectives and longterm goals?

1.Resource availability

2.Business placement

3.Strategic alignment

4.Potential benefits

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:04:02

Which of the following can be validly concluded from research on intercultural conflict management?

1.collectivist and individualist cultures typically favor different conflict management styles

2. the key to effective intercultural conflict management is flexible use of conflict management styles

3.disagreement should be discouraged when communicating with individuals from diverse cultures

4.Both a and b

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:32:47

Which of the following is a factor that influences project selection?

1.Perceived and real needs

2.List of potential and ongoing projects

3.Current organizational environment

4.All of the above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:02:46

Which of the following is a tactic of avoiding conflict?

1. competing




Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:33:35

Which of the following is not a characteristic of conflict?

1.expressed struggle

2.independent parties

3.perceived incompatible goals

4.perceived interference for outside parties

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:32:03

Which of the following is not correct about initial phase of a project?

1.The cost associated at the beginning of the project is highest.

2.Stakeholders have maximum influence during this phase

3.The highest uncertainty is at this stage of the project.

4.All the above statements are correct.

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:01:42

Which of the following statements is true?

1.PERT is considered as a deterministic approach and CPM is a probabilistic techniques.

2.PERT is considered as a probabilistic techniques and CPM is considered as a deterministic approach.

3.PERT and CPM are both probabilistic techniques.

4. PERT and CPM are both considered as deterministic approachs.

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:58:00

Which of these is not one of the constraints of a project?

1. Scope




Posted Date:-2022-02-12 14:01:15

Which one of the following is a role of BIFR?

1.Securing the timely detection of Sick and Potentially Sick Companies

2.Speedy determination by group of experts about various measures to be taken in respect of sick company

3.Both a and b

4.None of the Above

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:22:16

Who is named as Father of Value Analysis?

1.Lawrence D. Miles

2.George Terborgh

3.Michael Jucius

4.Edwin B. Flippo

Posted Date:-2022-02-12 13:30:05


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