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 ... parents working in sync means

1.father earning and mother taking care of children

2.parents having staggered office hours and sharing household work

3.parents pooling their resources together to take care of expenses

4.husband and wife sinking their differences to preserve domestic harmony

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 A teacher can cater to the learning styles of all the children by

1.advising the children to join drawing/dance/music classes

2.employing a variety of teaching methods and modes of assessment which cater to diversity among learners

3.teaching every lesson thoroughly and revising the lessons

4.testing the children frequently

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 Chipko Movement was strengthened under the leadership of

1.A.K. Banerjee

2.Sunder Lal Bahuguna

3.Amrita Devi Bishnoi

4.Medha Patkar

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 Extolling the virtues of poverty while living in luxury is an instance of

1.the ideal of a good government

2.the need to make people adopt a simple life

3.the hypocrisy of the people of our country

4.practising what you preach

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 Grammar should be taught by clear explanations

2.enabling practice in context

3.asking students to learn rules

4.making learners do written assignments

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 Group project work helps in developing

1.a high level of ambition to achieve

2.collaboration critical thinking and problem solving

3.competition among learners to excel in academics

4.good memory in the young learners

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 Karuna Verma is bewildered at

1.the responsibility of bringing up a daughter in a big city

2.her mothers ability to combine her career with household work

3.the amount of work that she has to do after becoming a mother

4.the late hours of work that her father followed

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 Mary a young teacher believes in personalised learning because she thinks that

1.all learners must learn on their own

2.children must enjoy their learning

3.every person must be exposed to learning

4.every learner is unique and needs to be given a chance to develop to the best of their ability

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 Read the two sentences given below:The lizard ate the fly.The fly ate the lizard.A teacher can use this example to explain that

1.they are examples of reported speech

2.they are a collection of words

3.there is no difference in the two sentences because both have the same words

4.when subject and object change positions the meaning of the sentence changes

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 Ria is unable to pronounce the words smile and school clearly. As her teacher what will you do?

1.Humiliate Ria by isolating her and asking her to repeat the words

2.Asking the entire class to repeat the words and appreciating Ria when she repeats them correctly

3.Make Ria repeat the words many times

4.Make Ria understand the meaning and sound pattern and get the class as a whole to listen to these words through an audio-visual medium

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 The advantages of the scheme were many. Pick out the disadvantage from the list given below. 

1.Sometimes deflating to the teachers ego

2.Diagnostic and remedial for the student and the teacher

3.Effective feedback

4.Enhanced writing skills

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 The Old Man refers to

1.a parent of the school

2.a student of the school

3.a teacher of the school

4.the headmaster called Mr. Florian

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 The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 stipulates that learning should be

1.through activities in a child-friendly manner

2.supported by extra coaching

3.restricted to co-scholastic subjects

4.carefully monitored by frequent testing

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 Which one of the following is not an objective of including riddles and puzzles in the EVS textbook?

1.To confuse the mind of the students and let them enjoy the confusion

2.To develop curiosity and ability to think creatively

3.To develop critical thinking ability in students

4.To develop reasoning ability in students

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A child studying in Class-III says: I dranked the water. It indicates that the child

1.has overgeneralized the rule for marking past tense verbs showing that learning is taking place careless and needs to be told that she should be conscious of such errors

3.has not learnt grammar rules properly

4.should memories the correct sentence

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A lemon sinks in normal water but floats in salty water because the density of

1.lemon increases in salt water

2.lemon decreases in salt water

3.salt water is more than normal water

4.normal water is more than salt water

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A man with blood group 0 marries a woman with blood group A. The chance of their first child having blood group 0 is 





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A Shooting Star is a

1.meteoroid which catches fire as it enters the Earths atmosphere which moves with a constant speed

3.shining object which moves with a constant speed in the atmosphere with a tail at the end

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After Karuna quit her job

1.she sent her maid away as she felt that the maid was a bad influence on Avni

2.she had no time for herself as Avni needed all her attention and care

3.she had a lot of time to herself and for her husband

4.he occupied herself with cooking to spend her time usefully

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an example by overcoming all difficulties The word overcoming means




4.not coming

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As she was living with her husband in Andheri Mumbai away from their families ............ . In this sentence their families refers to

1.Families of friends in Andheri Mumbai

2.Karunas parents and in-laws

3.Karunas mother and fathers families

4.Karunas husbands family

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At the primary stage assessments should consist of

1.half-yearly and annual examinations at the end of the year

2.home assignments and class assignments every week to rate young learners under the categories of pass or fail

3.continuous and unstructured teacher observations to be shared with learners and parents

4.formal tests and games done every week and recorded in the Report Card

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Brook as a verb means to tolerate in para l. As a noun it means





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Children who are differently abled join a new school. Teachers give different reactions. Which one reflects the concept of inclusive education?

1.Good it will provide a good opportunity for the children to learn to help each other and be supportive.

2.Such children should go to special schools where they will learn better.

3.Oh! How can I teach children who cannot even read?

4.Im worried that my class may not accept these children and some of the mischievous children may even harm the poor kids.

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Cooked rice can be preserved for a longer time in a refrigerator because

1.moisture content in the food is reduced at low temperature

2.refrigerators contain certain chemicals which kill the microbes

3.microbes become inactive at low temperature

4.microbes are destroyed and killed at low temperature

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Development is a noun with -ment as a suffix. Which of the following will become a noun if we add the suffix -ment to it?





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For everything there is exact to my wishes In this line the word exact can be interpreted to mean





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four social and economic goalPart of speech of the underlined word


2.(2) Both A and B are wrong.



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he colonial mindset of dark elite in white masks with reference to the passage is

1.looking down upon the poor and the disenfranchised

2.the bureaucratic practice of according topmost priority to confidentiality in official dealings

3.discriminating people on the basis of the colour of their skin assumption that the administrators and politicians have more rights and privileges than the common people

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he expression walking the talk means

1.being diplomatic in ones behaviour an words

2.practising what one preaches

3.addressing public gatherings in an election campaign

4.talking to the common people by mingling with them

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Her father did not believe in

1.allowing children to join the adults in their activities

2.female education

3.removing brahminical restrictions

4.vocabulary will not be enriched

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How will a teacher best teach writing skills to a class?

1.Through dictation

2.By asking students to learn articles and rewrite them

3.By brainstorming ides and asking students to write in their own words

4.By asking students to write neatly

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I have no time for myself says Karuna. This sentence can be written in reported speech as

1.Karuna said that she had no time for herself

2.Karuna says that she had no time for herself

3.Karuna says that she have no time for herself

4.Karuna said that she had no time for myself

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I realized fairly early that this was the second piece of the development puzzle. The underlined part of this sentence is a/an

1.Noun clause

2.Verb clause

3.Adjective clause

4.Adverbial phrase

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In a diverse classroom learners find it difficult to speak and write good English and often lapse into their mother-tongue because

1.they do not have the ability to learn English

2.they are slow learners

3.they are not motivated to learn

4.they lack enough competence and the structures of the two languages are different

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In rural areas cow dung is used to coat the floor and walls of huts to

1.give a natural colour to the floor

2.keep the insects away

3.make them smooth and clean

4.make them rough to increase friction

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It was ironical that Karunas mother should advise her to quit her job and stay at home because

1.Karunas parents had always advised her that home was much more important than career

2.Karunas mother herself had not quit her job to take care of children as she encouraged independence of women

3.Karuna herself was keen on quitting her job

4.Karunas parents had insisted that household chores should be shared between husband and wife

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Karuna decided to quit her job because

1.she wanted to have more time to herself and for her husband

2.she wanted to pay more attention to her cooking

3.she Was not interested in her teaching job

4.she did not want her daughter to spend her early years with a maid

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Karuna too wanted to do the balancing act. In this sentence the term balancing act implies

1.managing the time efficiently so that parents can spend quality time with their children

2.making adjustments in order to balance work and leisure properly

3.sharing of responsibilities by both husband and wife

4.a mothers ability to look after her child without quitting her job

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Karunas parents and her husbands parents probably lived Mumbai but not in Andheri

2.with Karuna and her husband Andheri Mumbai some other city

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Lalita a teacher of young learners provides them with opportunities to play with clay water and sand so as to

1.please them and make them happy

2.dirty their hands so that they may learn to wash them fine motor skills especially of the fingers and thumb

4.encourage play with no other objective

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Learners are involved in individual activities pair work group work and whole-class work because these

1.have the sole aim of introducing variety in a language classroom

2.enable the already over-worked teacher to preserve her energy thereby becoming more effective

3.afford the learners opportunities to use the language in a focused manner for real-life interaction

4.provide the learners enough opportunities to relax in a language classroom

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Leena uses Big Reading Books in her language classes to

1.use these illustrated colourful books for reading together

2.use them for big students of different ages

3.allow students to read at home

4.ensure books carry a lot of information

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living a life which embraced tradition Which part of speech is the underlined word?





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Mahatma Gandhi proved that only leadership by example can

1.gain the trust of the people so that they are willing to make sacrifices for a larger cause

2.inspire people to eat dress travel and live like the poor

3.mobilise the people of a country against colonial rule

4.fully and properly understand the pulse of the people of a country

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Malaria can be detected by testing the blood for the presence of

1.eggs of mosquito in red blood cells

2.Plasmodium in red blood cells

3.ruptured liver cells in blood

4.larvae of mosquito in blood

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Pet schemes in line 1 refers to

1.a student he is fond of

2.a formula he had discovered

3.a pet animal

4.a method he has advocated

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Pick out a word or phrase from the second paragraph of the passage that means the same as to make (something) go slower.




4.dark elite

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Remedial teaching as part of Formative Assessment means

1.diagnosing and addressing gaps in learning

2.teaching beyond the textbooks

3.extra coaching by parents

4.teaching for gifted students

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Ritu often makes errors in Subject-Verb concord. The teacher can help her by

1.asking Ritu to learn the rules and scolding her

2.asking Ritu to write the rules ten times in her notebook

3.taking up many examples for the entire class and paying special attention to Ritu

4.explaining to her the rules of grammar

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Sacred in the context of the Headmaster means

1.that even he was not above the scheme he advocated for students

2.he believed in the sacred nature of all life

3.that he was a holy man

4.that he was the powerful head of the school

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Study the following statements :

1.Kamaladevis mother read to her from newspapers and magazines.

2.Music was a source of great comfort to her.

3.A is right and B is wrong.

4.A is wrong and B is right.

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Teachers do not give the meaning of new words to learners directly because

1.learners do not like to be given the meaning of words prevents learners from discovering the meaning through puzzling out using clues

3.learners already know the meaning of the words

4.vocabulary will not be enriched

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The aim of mechanical drills is to

1.strengthen the role learning capacity of the learners

2.encourage creative use of language among the learners

3.improve the fluency of the learners

4.improve the accuracy of the learners

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The difference between boiling and evaporation is that

1.boiling causes reduction in volume of liquid while evaporation does not

2.changing of boiling liquid into vapour can be seen but evaporation cannot be seen

3.boiling causes a change of state of water while evaporation does not

4.evaporation can take place at any temperature while boiling cannot

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The first piece of the development puzzle according to the author is

1.imbuing the citizens of the country with decency and aspirations

2.the need for making people understand the importance of leading an idealistic and simple life

3.creating a team of industrious people for a national cause

4.the importance of decent inspired and industrious people for a nations development

Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

The main purpose of the author in the above passage is to

1.delineate the lesson he has learnt for the development of a nation

2.prioritise goals for only economic development of India

3.discuss the different writers he has read

4.argue why India should not be considered a developed country

Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 has included all round development of the child as one of the aims of education because ensures that every child is a part of a workforce

2.every child grows rapidly between six to fourteen years

3.proper health care is essential nurtures the physical mental and emotional aspects of the child

Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

The scheme according to the Old Man was useful because was excellent feedback for the teacher principal and school

2.he was slightly eccentric was meant to humiliate the teacher was meant to give power to the teacher

Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

The spoken skills in a language teaching classroom can be developed through

1.enabling activities with a focus on conversation skills leading to communicative competence activities where learners can talk in whichever language they would like to

3.engaging in small talk as confident agressive learners

4.emotionally connecting with learners

Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

The use of poems and story telling to explain concepts in an EVS class helps to

1.take care of the language and cultural diversity among learners

2.channelize the energies of the students in the right direction

3.make the lesson enjoyable and interesting

4.promote the ability to imagine and explore the nature of the world at the local and global level

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The woman described in the poem

1.lived in her own house

2.worked in the house of a rich man

3.was very busy doing chores

4.was no more

Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

The woman wanted to go to a place where

1.people would take good care of her

2.people would sincerely mourn for her

3.people didnt sing or dance

4.people didnt cook wash or sew

Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

The woman was always tired because

1.she did all the household work without any help

2.she had hardly anything to eat

3.she was physically very weak

4.she was suffering from a serious ailment

Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

The womans account in the poem shows a woman can escape from work we should help each other overworked a housewife is

4.that there is no work in heaven

Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

Vitamins are substances

1.required in small quantities to prevent deficiency diseases

2.that increase our metabolic rate leading to loss of weight

3.required as medicines to make us healthy

4.that build muscles to keep us strong

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When young learners seem to lose interest in a lesson the teacher should

1. tell a story or conduct an interesting activity

2.ask them to sit quietly for some time

3.allow them to go out and play

4.ask them to sleep for a while

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which embraced tradition The word embraced here means





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Which of the following is a value associated with an inclusive classroom?





Posted Date:-2021-09-04 06:29:01

Which of the following is an instance of non-formal learning?

1.Children learning to cook from their parents

2.Children learning a new game from friends

3.Children learning correspondence lessons through

4.Children learning to draw from their art teacher

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Which of the following statements is correct about her mother?

1.She preferred studies to sports.

2.She did not believe in adult literacy.

3.She struggled through life smilingly.

4.She observed faithfully all the social customs

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Which of the following statements is NOT correct of her grandmother?

1.She was not afraid of social criticism.

2.She traveled unescorted.

3.She believed that women should lead a secure life.

4.She loved to read books.

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Which of the following statements is true?

1.All formative tasks are meant for assessment.

2.Formative assessment to be effective must be conducted only after teaching a lesson

3.While all formative tasks are meant for improving teaching-learning some are used for assessment too.

4.Formative assessment helps us to grade students into good average and poor.

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while economic strength determined the scopeThe word determined means





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Who two contradictory kinds of science did Kamaladevi have in her childhood?

1.Childlike and Adult

2.Social and Individual

3.Questioning and Questing

4.Tradition and Change

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