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What Is Equilibrium Of The Firm And Industry ?

According to Miller, “Firm is an organisation that buys and hires resources and sells goods and services”. Lipsey has defined as “firm is the unit that employs factors of production to produce commodities that it sells to other firms, to households, or to the government.”

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What Is A Demand Forecast?

A demand forecast is the prediction of what will happen to your company's existing product sales. It would be best to determine the demand forecast using a multi-functional approach. The inputs from sales and marketing, finance, and production should be considered. The final demand forecast is the consensus of all participating managers. You may also want to put up a Sales and Operations Planning group composed of representatives from the different departments that will be tasked to prepare the demand forecast.

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What Does Perfect Competition Mean?

Perfect competition is basically an economic model that helps to describe a hypothetical market form. In this form the producer or the consumer does have any kind of market authority in order to make changes in prices.

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State Law Of Demand ?

law of demand basically says when the price of a certain product goes up,quantity demanded of that product goes down. when price goes down, quantity demanded goes up.

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What Is Micro And Macro Economics?

The study of economics is divided into two parts.

<> Micro Economics
<> Macro Economics

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What Are The Basic Economical Concepts?

The basic/fundamental economic concepts are:

<> Incremental concept
<> Discounting concept
<> Time perspective
<> Opportunity cost
<> Equimarginal concept.

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What Is Managerial Economics? What Is Its Relevance To Engineers/managers?

Study of economic theories, logic and methodology for solving the practical problems of business. It is used to analyze business problems for rational business decisions. It is also called as Business Economics or Economics for firms.

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What are the major Kharif crops?

Rice, millet, maiz and cotton

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What are the major rabi crops?

Wheat, gram linseed and mustard

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When are Kharif crops sown and reaped in India?

June and January

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When are the Rabi crops sown and reaped in India?

In October and April

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Which are the two crop seasons of India?

Rabi and Kharif

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What is the branch dealing with the development of forests?


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What is the branch dealing with honey production?


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What is the branch dealing with silkworm production?


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What is the aim of the Blue Revolution?

Increasing Fish Cultivation

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What is the popular name of White Revolution?

Operation flood

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What is the aim of the White Revolution?

Increase of Milk production

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To whom Borlang award is given in India?

Agricultural Scientist

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Who is the father of Indian agriculture?

Normen Borlang

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What is the name given to the sudden increase of agriculture output ?

Green Revolution

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What is the name given to the profit from debenture?


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What is the name given to the profit from shares?


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What is the name given to the talk between rich countries and poor countries?
North South Dialogue
88. Why the talk between rich countries and poor countries called North-South Dialogue'?

Because, most of the rich countries are in the northern hemisphere and poor countries in the southern hemisphere of the globe.

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In which industry the largest number of workers are employed in India?

Cotton textile Industry

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Which is the oldest industry in India?

Cotton textile Industry

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Which is the bank for industrial finance in India?


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When was IDBI started?


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What is the full form of IDBI?

Industrial Development Bank of India

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When was EXIM started?


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What is the full form of EXIM?

Export Import Bank of India

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Which is the apex bank for rural credit?


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When was NABARD set up in India?


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What is the full form of NABARD?

National Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development

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When did the second nationalization of banks take place?


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How many banks were nationalized in 1969?

Fourteen banks

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When did the first nationalization of banks in India take place?

July 19, 1969.

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What is zone pricing?

Under zone pricing, the seller divides the country into zones and regions and charges the same delivered price within each zone but different prices between different zones.

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Which is the largest commercial bank in India in terms of branches?

The State Bank of India

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Which is the largest public sector bank in India?

The State Bank of India

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When was the present coinage system in India Introduced?


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Which bank is known as the Banker's Bank?

Reserve Bank of India

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