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Explain What Is Schema Mapping In Sap Hana ?

Schema mapping is done when the physical schema in the target system is not the same as the physical schema in the source system. As mentioned earlier, suppose we are moving components from Development System (DEV) to Production System (PROD).

The tables in DEV reside in DEV_SCHEMA and the same tables reside in PROD system in PROD_SCHEMA schema. If an attribute view is transported from DEV to PROD, it will not work because the schema name is referenced in the definition of attribute view. In order for the promoted objects to work in PROD, schema mapping needs to be set up in the target system.

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Explain The Concept Of Persistence Layer.?

The persistence layer in SAP HANA handles all logging operations and transactions for secured backup and data restoring. This layer manages data stored in both rows and columns and provides steady savepoints. Built on the concept of persistence layer of SAP’s relational database, it ensures successful data restores.
Besides managing log data on the disk, HANA’s persistence layer allows read and write data operations via all storage interfaces.

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What Is The Main Sap Hana Database Component?

Index Server consists of actual data engines for data processing including input SQL and MDX statements and performs authentic transactions.

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What Is Stall?

The waiting process for data to load from the main memory to the CPU cache is called Stall.

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Define Slt Configuration?

Configuration is the meaningful information to establish a connection between source, SLT system and SAP HANA architecture as stated in the SLT system. Programmers are allowed to illustrate a new Configuration in Configuration and Monitoring Dashboard.

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How To Perform Backup And Recovery Operations?

During a regular operation, data is by default stored to the disk at savepoints in SAPHANA. As soon a there is any update and transaction, logs become active and get saved from the disk memory. In case of power failure, the database restarts like any other DB returning to the last savepoint log state. SAP HANA requires backup to protect against disk failure and reset DB to the previous state. The backups simultaneously as the users keep performing their tasks.

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what is schema mapping?

Schema mapping is accomplished when the physical schema within the target system is not identical to the physical schema in the source system. Assuming we are transferring components from DEV (Development System) to PROD (Production System). The tables in Development System live in DEV_SCHEMA and the exact tables reside in the PROD system in the PROD_SCHEMA schema. If an attribute view is moved from DEV to PROD, it will not function as the schema name is described in the definition of attribute view. For the promoted objects to function in PROD, schema mapping ought to be set up in the target system. In this situation, the schema mapping to be designed is:

Authoring Schema
Physical Schema

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How Sql Statement Is Processed?

In the HANA database, each SQL statement is implemented in the reference of the transaction. New session is allotted to a new transaction.

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What exactly is the significance of the Persistence Layer in SAP HANA?

It is actually an important later in SAP HANA which plays a very important role. Actually, HANA has a computing engine built inside and the users have to utilize the data directly without taking any backup. The same can create an issue during powerful failure and thus it is necessary to keep a backup of the same. This layer comes as a savior and it makes sure no loss of data during such a situation.

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What exactly is Data Definition Language?

These are the commands in SQL which are responsible for defining the structure in which data remains present. Generally, all the changes made to the data are saved automatically and the users don’t have anything to worry about the same.

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What is a text table in SAP? What is the need of designing a text table?

So, table A is a text table of table B given the key of A consists of the key of B and an extra language key field (field of data type LANG). Table A may, thus, include explanatory text in different languages for every key entry of B.

<> Objective: Text Join is utilized to fetch the depiction based on the consumer's session language. Once we enforce the text join in SAP HANA, it finds out the consumer's language automatically and provides a definition in that language.

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Explain SAP HANA Architecture in short?

The SAP HANA database is created in C++ and operates on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. SAP HANA database comprises numerous servers and the most significant feature is the Index Server. SAP HANA database includes Statistics Server, Name Server, Index Server, XS Engine, and Preprocessor Server.

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Mention the differences between BWA (Business Warehouse Accelerator) and SAP HANA. Also, state how is SAP HANA operating presently?

Business Warehouse Accelerator or BWA: The in-memory accelerator for Business Warehouse is BWA. The primary goal of BWA is to enhance the query performance of SAP Net Weaver BW. BWA is solely designed to speed-up BW queries, it also decreases the time of data acquisition by enduring the copies of the info cube.
SAP HANA: It is an in-memory database. In this platform high-performance, analytic reports and applications thrive. Another important thing is that data can be loaded in SAP HANA from SAP and non-SAP Source System via DXC, SLT, Sybase, and BODS. This can be viewed with the help of SAP BO/BI, Crystal Reports, or Excel.
Presently, SAP HANA is operating as an in-memory database for SAP BW. And now SAP HANA is capable of improving the overall execution of SAP Net weaver BW.

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State the contrast between SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA?

A familiar term to all, SAP S/4HANA is an application developed to operate on the SAP HANA in-memory database platform. It was released in 2015, SAP S/4HANA is SAP’s most recent ERP (enterprise resource planning) and business intelligence offering, it uses technologies like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and cutting-edge analytics to simplify business processes.

From enhancing production planning in manufacturing to streamlining accounting processes in finance, SAP S/4HANA can change organizations’ business processes via smart automation. It can keep track and handle business resources, including products, and handle business commitments, like payrolls and purchase orders.

For example, in the case of retailers, it can deliver real-time stock availability to consumers, assist with more practical and efficient supply-chain management, and utilize predictive analytics to recognize and control delivery delays. SAP S/4HANA is the 4th version of SAP Business Suite and is developed to be more user-friendly than the previous versions. It can also easily resolve more complicated problems and handle much more data. Though SAP S/4HANA is cloud-native, it is not restricted to operating on the cloud. It has versatile ways of deployment, like via public, private, or hybrid cloud and on-premise.

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What do you mean by the term Record?

A record is nothing but a collection of values or the fields that belong to a specific entity such as the account managing the salary of an employee.

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What are the benefits that SQL can bring for you?

If the queries in the SQL are simple, the users are free to retrieve a very large sum of data very easily from the system. Another good thing about SQL is it is very easy to learn and implement. There is a vast support available for SQL and all the queries can be addressed reliably. Using SQL, the database can be managed very easily and in fact without considering a large amount of coding.

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Why DML compiler is significant according to you in a database management system?

The DML compiler is the one that is responsible for translations of DML statements into a language that is easy to understand by the Query Evaluation engine. It simply makes sure of no occurrence of errors in database management.

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What is functional Dependency in the database?

It is a situation when one attribute defines another and is not under the similar control

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Tell something about the type of relationships in the database?

They are:

>> One to one
>> One to many
>> Many to many

The One to One is that approach in which one table is directly associated with the other tables which are similar in terms of their column. The records can be the same or they cannot be the same in this approach. In the middle approach (One to many) one table is directly associated with another table and that has key relation outside the database. In the last approach, every single record in the tables can relate multiple number or records which are present in another table.

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Define Database Management System in your own way?

A Database Management system is basically an array of programs with applications with the help of which the users are free to organize the information, retrieve the same, restore and maintain data efficiency in a positive manner.

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What are row and column storage in SAP HANA?

Data in the SAP HANA database stores in two ways; row storage, and column storage.

Row storage is the method of storing data in a horizontal fashion. It is similar to how data is stored traditionally in disk databases. However, there is one main difference between the SAP HANA row storage and traditional row storage.

That is, in SAP HANA, data is stored in rows in the main memory and in traditional databases, data is stored in rows in the disk storage.

Column storage method stores data in a columnar fashion (linear/ vertical). Data is compressed efficiently in column stores. It improves SAP HANA’s performance by optimizing both the read and write operations on data.

Data is stored in the column storage area which is divided into two sections; Main storage and Delta Storage.

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What is the function of a Replication server?

The replication server is responsible for managing the replication of table data as well as metadata from the data source.

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What is the function of a Replication server?

The replication server is responsible for managing the replication of table data as well as metadata from the data source.

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What exactly data redundancy is?

Data redundancy means duplicate data in the system. It adds unnecessary cost by grabbing the additional cost and can be the reason for the slow operations of the database.

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Tell the procedure of how SQL statement is processed?

The statement is implemented with reference to the concerned transaction. Each transaction needs the user, to begin with, a new session. This can sometimes consume time but it is beneficial in the long run.

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What exactly do you mean by the term Latency in database management? What can affect the same?

It is nothing but the total time taken for replication from the source to the target system. Latency depends largely on the size of the data.

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What are the SAP HANA use cases?

SAP HANA backs diverse use cases for real-time analytics. Some examples are:

>> Optimizing telecommunications
>> Supply chain optimization
>> Retail sales optimization
>> Fraud detection
>> Profitability forecasting
>> Energy use optimization

SAP HANA has demonstrated its value in the sector of data management and application development. It retains more than 1000 certified applications that run predominantly on SAP HANA. It is regarded as one of the few database systems that you can rely on when networks are performing best. SAP HANA is also certified for the Linux operating system (OS).

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what happens if the replication is suspended for a longer period of time or system outage of SLT or HANA system?

If the replication is suspended for a longer period of time, the size of the logging tables increases.

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Can you name some important components of SAP HANA?

SAP HANA Appliance, Database, Application Control, and Studio,

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What are the various tasks in the SAP HANA which are performed by the Modeling Studio?

The very first task it performs is selecting the type of tables that are to be stored in the HANA. The selection of Metadata is also the responsibility of the modeling studio. All the data services for entering the data from the warehouse or other locations are handled by it. It simply manages the ERP instances connections. The entire data services can be used for modeling only through the modeling studio. Any sort of another modeling in the SAP HANA itself is handled by the studio. Moreover, the tasks associated with the encoding are also managed and controlled by the modeling studio.

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What do you understand from in-memory computing? What is its significance in SAP HANA?

In the in-memory computing, a huge amount of data as the information is stored in the Random-Access Memory (RAM) instead of external storage disks. This technology replaces the traditional way of storing data in disks and uses relational database management methods to fetch and process the data. In-memory computing technology is much cheaper and faster than the traditional database system.

Applications in SAP HANA are developed in close association with the database and there is close to no data movement involved from the database to the system. SAP HANA keeps a primary copy of the data ready in in-memory storage which results in data access and processing for ad-hoc reporting, analysis of data in real-time, and quick query response. Also, it reduces data complexity, data redundancy, data footprint, hardware and IT costs.

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Which platforms SAP HANA supports?

SAP HANA supports various platforms:

>> Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, Server 2008 (32-bit)
>> Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Server 2008 / R2 (64-bit)
>> SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 (64-bit)
>> Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 (64-bit)
>> Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9)

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Tell anyone advantage that SLT replication offer

There are a lot of HANA studios and the SLT Replication can easily be integrated with almost all of them.

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how you can avoid un-necessary logging information from being stored?

You can avoid un-necessary logging information from being stored by pausing the replication by stopping the schema-related jobs.

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what is the role of the transaction manager and session?

The transaction manager co-ordinates database transactions and keeps a record of running and closed transactions. When transaction is rolled back or committed, the transaction manager notifies the involved storage engines about the event so they can run necessary actions.

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what happens if the replication is suspended for a longer period of time or system outage of SLT or HANA system?

If the replication is suspended for a longer period of time, the size of the logging tables increases.

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What are the different compression techniques?

There are three different compression techniques

>> Run-length encoding
>> Cluster encoding
>> Dictionary encoding

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how you can avoid un-necessary information from being stored?

To avoid un-necessary information from being stored, you have to pause the replication by stopping the schema-related jobs

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what is transformation rules?

Transformation rule is the rule specified in the advanced replication setting transaction for the source table such that data is transformed during the replication process.

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what is latency?

Latency is referred to the length of time to replicate data from the source system to the target system.

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what are the different compression techniques?

There are three different compression techniques

>> Run-length encoding
>> Cluster encoding
>> Dictionary encoding

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what is modeling studio?

Modeling studio in HANA performs multiple task like

>> Declares which tables are stored in HANA, first part is to get the meta-data and then schedule data replication jobs
>> Manage Data Services to enter the data from SAP Business Warehouse and other systems
>> Manage ERP instances connection, the current release does not support connecting to several ERP instances
>> Use data services for the modeling
>> Do modeling in HANA itself
essential licenses for SAP BO data services

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What is the role of the persistence layer in SAP HANA?

SAP HANA has an in-memory computing engine and access the data straightaway without any backup. To avoid the risk of losing data in case of hardware failure or power cutoff, persistence layer comes as a savior and stores all the data in the hard drive which is not volatile.

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By which command in SQL you can simply boost the visibility of the data in the database?

This can be done simply by DCL benefits

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Why there is actually a need for businesses to invest in an RDBMS tool in the present time?

Managing the data is very important. In the present time, data plays an excellent role in the success of almost every business. Data helps in decision making, collaborations, start new ventures, tackling competition, improving quality, and so on. There are a large number of other reasons as well that are mandatory for the business to get it done in the right manner. Thus management of data is important.

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Organizations have to spend a very large amount of money every year on database management, are you agree with this?

Yes, this is totally right. However, it largely depends on the way a user is handling this approach. Basically, data management is a complex approach and there are a lot of tasks that are actually very critical. Managing the database without an effective tool is a big challenge. If an organization can consider a powerful tool like SAP HANA, a lot of tasks can be made simple and a ton of favorable outcomes can be derived simply.

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Tell something you know about Normalization and De-Normalization?

Normalization is nothing but the process that is adopted for the purpose of removing the redundant data from the database. This is generally done by splitting the table into different sections. This actually makes sure of integrity. On the other side, de-normalization is the process of considering the redundant data so that all the queries which are complex can be enhanced in terms of overall performance.

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What is the role of the persistence layer in SAP HANA?

SAP HANA has an in-memory computing engine and access the data straightaway without any backup. To avoid the risk of losing data in case of hardware failure or power cutoff, persistence layer comes as a savior and stores all the data in the hard drive which is not volatile.

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Mention the two types of Relational Data stored in HANA?

The two types of relational data stored in HANA includes

* Row Store
* Column Store

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What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA stands for High Performance Analytical Appliance- in-memory computing engine. HANA is linked to ERP systems; Frontend modeling studio can be used for replication server management and load control.

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