Common Lisp Interview Questions for Experienced/Common Lisp Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

How To Pass Commands To Lg3?

By selecting wellknown operations from the gear menu. You can think about the tools as constructing blocks – every device corresponding to numerous traces of LISP code. The equipment you use and the order in which you choose them defines what your application does.

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What If We Get Interrupted?

You are loose to come back and cross from the LISP Generator and do anything you need in AutoCAD while you are in the center of making a software. There are useful gear in case you forget about matters just like the names of variables you defined.

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In Lisp, how can we check if two arguments and their values have the same expression?

To check whether two argument's values have the same expression in Lisp, equal primitive function (=) is used.

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Why We Need Lisp?

In quick, no unmarried development you may make in your AutoCAD device will prevent greater time, effort, and money. You can spend thousands at the cutting-edge generation computer systems, the fastest video playing cards, and so forth, but that received’t make almost as large a difference as automating your device with software. With an arsenal of LISP exercises, you may ship accuracy, consistency, and productiveness soaring while greatly decreasing the pressure and strain of CAD operation.The proper software program is the important thing, and there is no amount of software program you could purchase that beats being able to application AutoCAD your self with as many tailored exercises as you want. And that is precisely what the LISP Generator permits you to do.

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Mention How Many Types Of Variables Available Is Lisp? Explain What Are The Variables That Are Bound, And That Have Values Assigned To Them?

The range of variables available in LISP is two one is lexical variable, and other is unique variable. The parameter of processes is variable that are sure and feature values allocated to them.

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What Is Repl In Context Of Node?

REPL stands for Read Eval Print Loop and it represents a laptop environment like a window console or unix/linux shell in which a command is entered and machine responds with an output. Node.Js or Node comes bundled with a REPL environment. It performs the following favored obligations.Read – Reads consumer’s input, parse the input into JavaScript information-shape and shops in reminiscence.Eval – Takes and evaluates the records structurePrint – Prints the resultLoop – Loops the above command till consumer press ctrl-c twice.

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Is it possible to call LISP functions from other languages?

LISP provides a “call-back” function, when programmer associates a foreign language function name with a LISP function, it is linked with these call-back functions. With foreign function programmer must supply the result data types and argument, so that LISP may perform conversions at the interface.

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How many pre-defined packages are used in Lisp? Name them.

There are two pre-defined packages in Lisp including:

* Common Lisp including the symbols for all the defined variables and functions
* Common Lisp User including the common package and the package for debugging and editing tools.

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How Complex Can We Get?

If you need, extraordinarily complex. The LISP Generator utilizes nearly the entire Auto LISP language. There's no restriction to how massive your programs may be, and no restrict to how complex they can be either. Even though most programs can be written in a sincere or "linear" manner, you have got the option to jot down particularly embedded code. You can nest more than one IF and LOOP statements inside each other. Also, you may continually feed complicated operations or math equations as direct enter to larger operations, which themselves could be embedded or "nested" in different operations, and so forth. So, the sky's the limit.

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Explain what is setq is used for in LISP?

setq is used to set variables in LISP

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Explain what is CLOS in LISP? What are the goals of the common lisp object system?

For writing object oriented programs, common LISP includes a set of operators, collectively they are called CLOS or Common Lisp Object System.

The common objective of LISP is to

• To fit common lisp in a natural way, in terms of functional notation and extending common LISP type
• To provide a smooth growth path and easy transitions for current users of flavors and common loops
• To provide a layered approach
• To provide both platforms for the efficient delivery of applications and language for powerful programing environment

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Which Symbol Is Used To Represent The Prompt In Lisp?

Symbol is used to represent the set off in LISP.

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Which Notation Facilitates Uniformity In Lisp?

Prefix notation helps uniformity in lisp.

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Explain What Is Slot And What Are The Most Commonly Used Slot Options?

Slots are not anything but variables that stores information or fields. A slot description has the form, in which each alternative is a key-word observed by name, expression and other alternatives.The maximum commonly used slot alternatives are:: accessor function-call
: initform expression
: initarg symbol

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What Is The Ouput Like?

LG3 writes easy-to-read, fully indented AutoLISP programs loaded with detailed comments in English that explain what all of the LISP code is doing. The files are standard “.LSP” files. You can view, edit, or print them with any editor, and run them on any AutoCAD system with or without the Generator.

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Explain what is slot and what are the most commonly used slot options?

Slots are nothing but variables that stores data or fields. A slot description has the form, where each option is a keyword followed by name, expression and other options.
The most commonly used slot options are:
:accessor function-name
:initform expression
:initarg symbol

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Can I save my programs to files?

Yes, absolutely, and the files are standard LISP code that will run on any AutoCAD system.

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What is a keyword argument in Lisp?

The keyword argument in Lisp can be defined as the general functional argument where instead of the position; keywords are used to pass the arguments to the function.

For example in the given code, the keyword subtitle acts as the keyword argument:

(define welcome

(lambda (given #:subtitle name)

(string-append "Welcome, " given " " surname)))

> (welcome "Sam" #:subtitle "Joe")

"Welcome, Sam Joe"

> (welcome #:subtitle "Sia" "Taylor")

"Welcome, Sia Taylor"

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What is the full form of fortran?

Fortran is a High-level programming language. The full form of Fortran is Formula Translation. This language was developed in the year 1957 by John Backus. Just like any other language it is also used for writing high-performance programs and is best suitable for numeric and scientific computing. It is mainly used for translating the maths formula into code.

Fortran is a very simple language and it can easily be transported to any machine. It has the capability of expressing even the complex functions of mathematics. This language has proved to be highly efficient in the world of coding and doesn't require any code layout like any other machine language.

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Demonstrate the programming structure used in Lisp.

Lisp codes can be executed in the form of either a compiled code or using an interpreter. The programming structure used in Lisp is:

> The atom which refers to the contagious string or numbers
> List which refers to the collection of atom sequence or other lists
> A string which refers to the group of character enclosed within the double-quotes

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What are the symbolic expressions in Lisp?

The symbolic expressions in Lisp are used as the syntactical expression which combines to form the statements, programs, and data in the form of either a list or an atom.

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Why is Lisp used for Artificial Intelligence?

The reasons why Lisp is used for Artificial Intelligence are:

> As the earlier AI was based on symbols and Lisp utilizes symbolic programming.

> Lisp can be used for effective problem solving and also serves as an excellent prototyping tool.

> Lisp, being a powerful programming language, makes it more extensible as compared to other programming languages, just like a domain-specific language.

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What are the various domains where Lisp is applied?

Various domains where Lisp is used are:

> Artificial Intelligence
> Data Mining
> Graphic and Animations
> Bioinformatics Devices Handling
> Semiconductor Applications
> Computer-Aided Designs (CAD)
> Natural Language Processing (NLP)
> Modeling and Simulation
> B2B Marketplace Development

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Explain LISP-Vectors?

Vectors are one-dimensional arrays, therefore, a subtype of array. Vectors and lists together are called sequences. LISP has fixed length variable/ simple vectors as well as variable length vectors which are created with the keywords: adjustable and fill-pointer.

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Explain what is the importance of the hash table in LISP?

The hash table data structure denotes a collection of key and value pairs which are arranged based on the hash code of the key. Each item in the hash table has key/value pair and is used to access the items in the collection. When you want to access elements by using a key a hash table is used.

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