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What is Basic Auth in Postman?

Basic Auth in Postman is a type of authorization technique provided in Postman for HTTP user agents like web browsers. It provides fields to enter username and password which when entered gets associated with the request.

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What are the various authorization methods provided by Postman?

Postman provides the below API request Authorization Options:

* API Key
* Bearer Token
* Basic auth
* Digest auth
* Oauth 1.0
* Oauth 2.0
* Hawk Authentication
* AWS Signature
* NTLM Authentication

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How do you access postman variables?

It can be accessed by using the variable name as:{{variable_name}}

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How will you log variable values in Postman?

We can log the variable values in Postman in the console by using the command:


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How can Postman collections run through the command line?

Postman has a command-line integration tool called Newman with which you can run any existing Postman collection.

Newman is a nodejs based package, which requires just a node environment to execute the collection and has full parity with the Postman collection runner i.e. the Newman collection runner supports the Postman capabilities like Running assertions, Pre-request scripts or any other scripts that are associated with the requests that are a part of the collection.

To use Newman:

<> You need to have node installed.
<> Now the Newman package needs to be installed through npm using the command.

npm install -g newman

<> The collection needs to be executed and the associated environment configuration should be first exported to its JSON form through the Postman application.

<> Now run the below command to run the Postman collection through Newman.

newman run {{path to collection json}} -e {{path to environment json if any}}

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Explain collections in Postman.

Postman Collections are a group of requests that you can save and organize into folders. Every request in Postman is logged into the history tab of the sidebar. When you want to re-use the request, you can find it from the history tab. On a small scale it's convenient but as postman usage scales then it becomes difficult to find the requests.
Postman Collections provide easier access to grouped requests.

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What is a Scratch Pad in Postman?

Scratch Pad provides the ability to work in offline mode means you can work while not connected to postman servers. When you are not connected to the Network, you can still use some postman features such as creating collections, requests and send requests. This all work is stored locally and once you are logged in, you can move your work to workspace.

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How to use different environments in Postman?

Postman provides the ability to use different environments for API development and testing with the help of variables. A typical use of environment could be as:

1). You are testing your API against two environments: Dev and QA.

2). You have one variable consisting of a base URL in both environments.

3). Each request in the collection points to this base URL field.

4). Now, you can toggle the environments from environment drop-down to test API against both Dev and QA environments.

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What is a workspace in Postman?

Postman Workspace is a collaboration environment where team members can share the APIs projects. A Workspace allows you to share collections, environments, APIs and other components of your work within a team. When you launch postman you are in the default workspace but you can create more workspaces as required.

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What is Postman?

Postman is a platform that makes API development easy. It provides different tools to create, share, test and document APIs. It offers streamline collaboration to create better APIs faster. It allows developers to create and save HTTP requests.

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