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What do you mean by a valid ServerName directive?

The DNS system is used to associate IP addresses with domain names. The value of ServerName is returned when the server generates a URL. If you are using a certain domain name, you must make sure that it is included in your DNS system and will be available to clients visiting your site.

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what is a difference between Apache and Nginx web server?

Both are categorized as a Web Server and here are some of the main differences.
Nginx is an event-based web server where Apache is process based
Nginx is known for better performance than Apache
Apache supports a wide range of OS where Nginx doesn’t support OpenVMS and IBMi
Apache has a large number of modules integration with backend application server where Nginx is still catching up
Nginx is lightweight and capturing the market share rapidly. If you are new to Nginx, then you may be interested in checking out my articles on Nginx.

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What are the log files generated by Apache?

There are two popular log files created;
access.log – all request details with the status code
error.log – capture all the errors within apache or connecting in the backend.

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What is a mod_evasive module?

mod_evasive is a third-party module that performs one simple task and performs it very well. It detects when your site is receiving a Denial of Service (DoS) attack and it prevents that attack from doing as much damage. mod_evasive detects when a single client is making multiple requests in a short period of time and denies further requests from that client. The period for which the ban is in place can be very short because it just gets renewed the next time a request is detected from that same host.

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What is virtual hosting?

This is a way of hosting more than one domain names on one server using a single IP address. This way, the single server can share its resources which may include memory, processor cycles among others to ensure its efficient use.

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How to deploy War web applications in Tomcat?

You can drop the WAR file inside the web apps folder or use the Tomcat manager to deploy War files.

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What does 200, 403 & 503 HTTP error codes mean?

200 – content found and served OK
403 – tried to access restricted file/folder
503 – the server is too busy to serve the request and in other words – service unavailable.

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Where is the Apache located in the data center location?

You can explain based on your experience, however, typically for Internet-facing applications, it would be in the Internet DMZ network and for intranet, core network.

But again this will differ based on application/organization.

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Is it possible to capture the MAC address of the clients who are using your server?

No, it will not be possible to capture the MAC address of the clients who are using your server.

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What is the servlet container life cycle?

1 Servlet life cycle
1 Servlet life cycle
A servlet life cycle can be defined as the entire process from its creation until the destruction.
Life cycle steps followed by a servile
The servlet receives a request from a client through one of its connectors then is initialized by calling the init() method.
The servlet calls service() method to process a client’s request and send the response.
The servlet is terminated by calling the destroy() method.
The servlet is garbage collected by the garbage collector of the JVM.

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What will happen if we have added “logLevel Debug” in httpd. conf file?

Adding the logLevel Debug provides you with more information in the error log in order to debug an issue.

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What is the difference between Tomcat and an Application server?

Tomcat is a servlet container that supports servlets and JSP technology. An Application server supports many other Java EE technologies. company

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What services are provided by Tomcat?

Tomcat server provides a host of services which are not provided by normal web servers like Apache Web Server. Those are:
Servlet Life cycle
Handle Web Requests
Database connection pooling
High availability

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How to ensure the webserver is getting started after a server reboot?

If running Linux, then you can put a script in /etc/init.d/ and enable to start on boot using chkconfig command

Let’s say you create a file called apache and put under /etc/init.d

chkconfig --add apache
chkconfig apache on

if on Windows, then ensure startup type is selected “Automatic.”

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Define CGI.

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a computer interface protocol that allows web servers to run an external programme, usually to handle user requests.

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What is JNDI Datasource ?

A JNDI DataSource object is a file that holds the database connection configuration information. A JNDI server must be used to register the DataSource object, which is then identifiable by a JNDI name. You can use the JNDI service on your application server to register your DataSource object.

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In Tomcat, what is the default session timeout?

The default session timeout in Tomcat is 30 minutes, which you can change in $tomcat home/conf/web.Xml by modifying the entry below. 30

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How to perform Apache performance benchmark?

You can use a tool like ApacheBench, SIEGE to perform the load test on web servers including Apache. Another option to perform stress test online to see the overall how web application performs under load.

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What are the connectors that tomcat uses?

There are two types of connectors in Tomcat: HTTP Connectors: It has a number of attributes that may be adjusted to control how it works and access features like redirects and proxy forwarding. AJP Connectors: They function similarly to HTTP connectors, however they use the AJP protocol instead of HTTP. The mod jk plug-in technology is extensively used in Tomcat to implement AJP connectors.

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What is the distinction between a webserver and an application server?

The primary distinction between a web server and an application server is that a web server can only execute web applications, such as servlets and JSPs, and has just one container, the Web container, that is used to understand and execute web applications. The application server has the ability to run Enterprise applications, i.e. (servlets, jsps, and EJBs) It consists of two containers: Web Container (for servlets and jsps interpretation and execution) Container for EJB (for executing EJBs). It may execute tasks such as load balancing and transaction demarcation, among others.

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What are the Web Servers you’ve worked on along with Apache?

Again, you better tell the truth but to make you aware, there are many web servers in the market including the following.

> Nginx
> Microsoft IIS
> LiteSpeed

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What are Webservers and how do they work? What is it's purpose?

Webserver refers to a transaction that involves an HTTP request and an HTTP response. Webservers use the internet to listen for HTTP requests and respond with HTTP responses. They merely output HTML and do not execute business logic. They can provide HTTP server. They are static.

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Is it possible to set different Java system properties for each webapp?

No. You can add "-D" options to Java if you know how to change Tomcat's startup scripts. However, such properties cannot be added to web.xml or the webapp's context.

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What are the principles of the Tomcat Servlet container?

Tomcat Servlet Container is a container for servlets. The servlets are contained within a servlet container. This container handles the implementation of Java Servlet and Java Server Pages. Provides an HTTP web server environment in which Java code can be run. Garbage collection is reduced. Platform integration wrappers for Windows and Unix.

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What are the advantages of running Tomcat as a Windows service?

Running Tomcat as a Windows service has a number of advantages, including: Automatic startup is critical in environments where a system may need to be re-started remotely after maintenance. Tomcat is frequently run on blade servers that may not even have an active monitor linked to them. Without an active user, Windows services can be started. Security: Running Tomcat as a window service allows you to run it under a separate system account that is separate from the other user accounts.

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What is Tomcat's directory structure?

Tomcat's directory structure is as follows: Bin contains startup, shutdown, and other scripts (*.sh for UNIX systems and *.bat for Windows systems), as well as some jar files. Server configuration files (including server.xml) and related DTDs are stored in the conf directory. Server.xml is the most significant file in this folder. It is the container's main configuration file. JARs used by container and Servlet and JSP application programming interfaces are stored in the lib directory (APIs).

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What is TomEE?

Apache TomEE (pronounced “Tommy”) is the Java Enterprise Edition of Apache Tomcat (Tomcat + Java EE = TomEE) that combines several Java enterprise projects including Apache OpenEJB, Apache OpenWebBeans, Apache OpenJPA, Apache MyFaces and others.

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Apart from Apache Tomcat, what are the different kinds of Web Servers?

There are many web servers as mentioned below:

1. LiteSpeed Web Server

2. GWS Web Server

3. Microsoft IIS Web Server

4. Nginx Web Server

5. Jigsaw Web Server

6. Sun Java System Web Server

7. Lighttpd Web Server

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What is the Tomcat default port?

The default port for Tomcat is 8080. You can change the default port by editing the file server.xml under the conf folder in the Tomcat installed directory. Change the property Connector port=”8080″ to the desired port and restart Tomcat so the changes can take effect.

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What is Jasper?

The name of the Tomcat JSP engine is Jasper. It passes the JSP files for the compilation of them into Java code as servlets. With the running time, it detects all of the changes in JSP files and recompiles them often. Jasper is also the Java server pages Handler and internally it deals with the necessary compiling.

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How to configure Apache log, so it captures the time taken to serve a request?

You can add “%D” in httpd.conf file under LogFormat directive to capture the response time taken to serve the request. It will show time in microseconds.

LogFormat "%h %l %u %t "%r" %>s %b "%{Referer}i" "%{User-Agent}i"

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What’s a difference between Apache Web Server and Apache Tomcat?

Apache Web is an HTTP server to serve static contents where Tomcat is a servlet container to deploy JSP files.

You can always integrate Apache HTTP with Tomcat, however, based on the requirement you need to choose either one. If you need a proper web server, then Apache HTTP else Tomcat for JSP-Servlet Container.

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How to deploy war or JAVA applications in Apache?

I am afraid, Apache is a Web Server, and Java-based application deployment is not possible with it. However, you can integrate Java application servers like WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss where you can deploy war, ear files.

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Which Apache version have you dealt with?

We may claim that we worked on httpd – 2.2.3 for this.

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What are the other types of Web Servers besides Apache Tomcat?

There are numerous web servers, as listed below: LiteSpeed Web Server GWS Web Server Microsoft IIS Web Server Nginx Web Server Jigsaw Web Server Sun Java System Web Server Lighttpd Web Server

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What distinguishes Apache Tomcat from Apache Web Server?

The web content is hosted by Apache Tomcat, whereas the static content is served by Apache Web server, which is an HTTP server. Integrating Apache Tomcat with Apache Web Server is always an option.

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What is DocumentRoot?

DocumentRoot directive is the configuration where you can specify the folder location from where the static files will be served. It’s also called as WebRoot.

Default DocumentRoot location is /var/www/html

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What exactly is a Tomcat Coyote, and what is its purpose?

Tomcat Coyote is an HTTP connector based on HTTP/1.1 setup that accepts and sends web requests to the Tomcat engine before returning to the client who made the request.

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What do you understand by Tomcat-users.xml configuration file?

Under the Tomcat-users.XML configuration files, the entire Tomcat users are specified and defined. It is located in the conf folder in the server root of Tomcat.

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How to put Log level in Debug mode?

Often needed when you are troubleshooting the issue and wish to capture more details. You can change the logging level to debug by ensuring the following in httpd.conf file.

LogLevel debug

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What does web.xml configuration file means?

This file is derived from the servlet specification in Tomcat. It contains information which is used to deploy the components on web applications or servers.

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What is the server server.xml configuration file mean?

The server.xml file is the main Tomcat configuration file which is responsible for specifying the entire setup and Tomcat configuration while startup.

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What is the engine?

The Engine element represents the entire request processing machinery associated with a particular Catalina Service. It receives and processes all requests from one or more Connectors, and returns the completed response to the Connector for ultimate transmission back to the client.
Exactly one Engine element MUST be nested inside a Service element, following all of the corresponding Connector elements associated with this Service. ( devops training online )

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What is the web.xml configuration file?

The web.xml file is derived from the Servlet specification and contains information used to deploy and configure the components of your web applications. ( data science training online )

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Who is responsible for Tomcat?

The Apache Software Foundation. The Apache Software Foundation is an umbrella organization that looks after a number of Open Source projects.
Jakarta is the group name for the Java-based projects of the Apache Software Foundation.
Tomcat is a Web Server that handles server-side Java (in the form of Servlets and JSPs), and it’s a part of the Apache Jakarta project group. Tomcat is the “reference” implementation of the Servlet and JSP standards – in other words, if it runs under Tomcat, it should run under any compliant Servlet / JSP container.

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Does the installation of Apache HTTP server require SSL or PHP support?

The answer is yes since the installation of Apache requires the support of both the SSL and PHP support.

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Does Apache have any limits when it comes to URL aliasing and rewriting?

No, Apache web server has no fixed limit on the total aliases and redirects that may be prompted in the configuration files. ( hadoop training online)

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How is Apache Tomcat different from Apache Web Server?

Apache Tomcat is used to host the web contents whereas Apache Web server is an HTTP server that is built to serve the static contents.

There is always a possibility to integrate Apache Tomcat and Apache Web Server.

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What are the check or log extent provided by Apache Tomcat?

There are a plenty of check levels provided and out of which “warn” is the default level.

1. Info
2. Debug
3. Warn
4. Notice
5. Crit
6. Alarm
7. Emerg
8. Error

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What is the result of Select * from the tab?

This query would display all the tables that are stored in the database.

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