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What is the Definition of responsibility?

Responsibility is the method through which the group of various modules can be made in a format accessible by users.

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Define Ad-hoc reports?

This is a kind of report that is made used for fulfilling the reporting needs of a particular time.

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How do you find that multiorgan is installed?

* Multi-organization architecture is meant to allow multiple companies or subsidiaries to store their records within a single database.
* Multiple organization Architecture allows this by partitioning data through views in APPS schema.
* Implementation of Multi org generally includes more than one business group.
* To know whether multi-org is existing or not
select multi_org_flag
form fnd_product_groups)
* If the result is „Y? means the database is the group for multi org

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What is Function?

Function is the smaller part of the application and that is defined inside menu.

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What is the menu?

Menu can be defined as a hierarchical arrangement associated with functions of the system.

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What is a token?

Token is used for transferring values towards report builder. Tokens are usually not case – sensitive.

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( application in varchar2 default null,
program in varchar2 default null,
description in varchar2 default null,
start-time in varchar2 default null,
sub_request in bookan default False,
argument 100) return number;

If this is submitted from oracle forms, all the arguments ( 1 to 100 ) must be specified.

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Explain about the procedures that are compulsory in the case of procedures?

There are number of parameters which are mandatory in the case of procedures and each of these parameters has a specific job associated with it.

<> Errorbuf: This is the parameter used for returning error messages and for sending that to log file.

<> Retcode: This is the parameter capable of showing the status associated with a procedure. 0, 1 and 2 are the status displayed by this parameter. 0 is used for indicating completed normal status, 1 defines completed warning status and 2 is the one denoting completed with error.

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How to register a table and columns through the back end?

* by using the AD_DD package for registering a table.

* AD_DD BPI doesn't?t check for the existence of the registered table or column in the database schema, but only updates the required SQL tables.

* It should be ensured that all the tables and columns registered exist actually and have the same format as that defined using AD_DD API.

* Views need not be registered.

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what are FNDSQF API?


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What is multi-org?

“Legal entity has more than one operating unit is called as multi-org”

* Business group: Human resources information is secured by the Business group
* Legal entity: inter-company and fiscal/tax reporting, operating unit.
* Operating unit: secures AR, OE, AP, PA, and PO Information.
* Organizations: is a specialized unit of work at a particular locations

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What is Oracle E-Business Suite?

Oracle apps + analytical components software. (Oracle discover) (Oracle sales analyzer) (Oracle financial analyzer) (Oracle marketing analyzer)

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What is responsibility?

Is a collection of menus, request security groups and data groups

1. Menus: a collection of forms is nothing but menus
2. Request security groups: a collection of programs.
3. Data groups: is a group of modules to be made accessible by the user through Responsibility System admin

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Explain different segments of Key flexfield in General ledger?

It consists of 15 columns where every field represents a segment. The different types are :

1. Balancing segment
2. Intercompany segment
3. Cost center segment
4. Account segment

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Can we have a custom schema when it is required?

yes, we can have a custom schema, when we want to create a new table we required a custom schema.

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Where can U find the release version from the backend?

SELECT release_name from FND_PRODUCT_GROUPS; ---

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Describe the role of the field, “the future period”?

The value tells how many periods are enterable when the users can enter their journal entries. The prerequisite, in this case, is that the future period should be in an opened state. Good care should also be given to ensure that the users are not unintentionally entering the entries in a wrong period.

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Explain Templates and attachments used in templates?

A template is a form that is required before the creation of any other type of form. It is mainly having the attachments which are independent of platform and is associated with a particular library. Several attachments are part of the template form:

APP STORE: It is the attachment which consists of packages as well as procedure Which is mainly useful for all the different forms to create toolbars, menus, etc.
APPSDAYPK: It is the attachment that consists of packages that help control applications associated with Oracle.
FNDSQF: It is the attachment which is having various procedures and packages for flex fields, profiles, message dictionary, and concurrent processing.
CUSTOM: It is the attachment that helps extend the application forms of Oracle without modifying the application code.

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What is TCA (Trading Community Architecture)?

Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) is a data model that allows you to manage complex information about the parties, or customers, who belong to your commercial community, including organizations, locations, and the network of hierarchical relationships among them. This information is maintained in the TCA Registry, which is the single source of trading community information for Oracle E-Business Suite applications.

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What are ad-hoc reports?

hoc Report is made to meet one-time reporting needs. Concerned with or formed for a particular purpose. For example, ad hoc tax codes or an ad hoc database query

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Define application top?

Application tops are found when we are connecting to server. There are two types of application tops available they are product top and custom top. Product top is the kind of top that is built in default by manufacturer. Custom top can be chosen by the client, and any number of custom tops can be created as per the requirement of the client.

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What is the concurrent program?

Concurrent programs are instances that need to be executed along with incompatibles and parameters.

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Where did U find the Application short name and basepath names?

select basepath,application_short_name from fnd_application from the backend. The from the end we can get it Navigation Application Developer.-----> Application---->Register The application name we will get from FND_APPLICATION_TL

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Difference between Form, Function, and Menu?

A menu is a hierarchical arrangement of functions and menus. Each responsibility has a menu assigned to it. A function is a part of an application that is registered under a unique name to assign it to be including it from a menu.

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What is meant by concurrent Programs?

It is nothing but Instance of the execution along with parameters & Incompatibles. Here Incompatibles nothing but if we are submitting cc programs if anyone can be executed in that program, which programs r not imp yet this time we will mention those programs in incompatibles tab.

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What is a template?

1. The TEMPLATE form is the required starting point for all development of new Forms.
2. The TEMPLATE form includes platform-independent attachments of several Libraries.

APP SCORE: It contains packages and procedures that are required of all forms to support the MENUS, TOOLBARS.

APPSDAYPK: It contains packages that control the Oracle application's CALENDAR FEATURES.


CUSTOM: it allows extension of Oracle Applications forms without modification of Oracle application code, you can use the custom library for customization such as zoom ( such as moving to another form and querying up specific records)

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Is there any possibility for having custom schema at any time when it is required?

You have the provision for having custom schema at the time of creating table.

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Explain Accounting period statuses?

>> NEVER OPENED: This means that the journals cannot be entered or posted in this status.

>> FUTURE ENTERABLE: This status means that the journal may be entered but not posted. The fixed number which is stated in the book set window tells about the period of Future Enterable.

>> OPEN: The journals can be entered and posted to any amount of timeline in the open period. Special care should be taken while opening unlimited periods that it may slow the entire process of posting and can also be a bit more cumbersome for the fresh users trying to enter the journals.

>> CLOSED: This status means that the journals cannot be posted during this period and that the periods have to be reopened if you want to post journals. Whenever you are done with your annual/month/quarter processing, these periods should be manually closed.

>> PERMANENTLY CLOSED: These are the periods that can never be opened again. The purge and archived data can be depicted with this status.

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Explain the parameters which are mandatory in procedures?

This is the most asked Oracle Apps Interview Questions in an interview. There is the number of parameters that need to take care while declaring the procedure and these parameters are assigned with some sort of job. For example, the parameter is Errobuf, this is the parameter which is used for returning the error messages in oracle apps and send it to the log file for tracking. The other parameter is Recode, which is mainly used for showing the status code associated with a procedure like 0,1,2. These are the different status shown by this parameter. 0 defines the normal status, 1 mainly defines the completed warning status and 2 defines the error that occurred in the procedure.

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PL/SQL stored procedure parameters? or what are the two parameters that are mandatory for pl/sql type concurrent program?

Procedure/function (ERRBUF OUT RETCODE OUT ………………….)

* ERRBUF: Used to write the error message to log or request file.

* RETCODE: Populate log request file with program submission details info.

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What is Set-of-Books?

Collection of Chat of Accounts and Currency and Calendars is called SO.

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Explain in oracle applications, what do you mean by value set?

Any flexfield segment can be used to display the approved values for entry. The list of all the actually approved values is also contained in a value set. There are some below characteristics related to the value sets:

<> One value set can be shared by different flexfields. For example, the names of all the regional offices which are contained in a value set can be a part of multiple flexfields.

<> The value ranges for different value sets are limited. Some have next to negligible restriction while others have permission to allow for a certain set of values.

<> There can be a different set of values present for different value sets.

<> Same value sets can be used by multiple other segments of the same flexfields. Even when there are different structures for a particular flexfield, a common value set can exist. SRS or the Standard Request Submission have many additional report parameters that share the same value sets.

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What does dynamic insert signify?

This is the basic Oracle Apps Technical Interview Question asked in an interview. It is a common feature of Oracle applications which allows the different kind of users to enter new account combinations by making use of any window/form. In a case where this feature is not available or disabled, the user is unable to create different account combinations with the help of any form or window. They have a fixed set of combination form where you can straight away enter different code combinations and this is the only option left in case dynamic insert is unavailable.

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Define record group?

Record group can be considered as a concept used for the purpose of holding sql query that is associated with list related with values. Record group consists of static data and also can access data inside tables of database through sql queries.

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What is the purpose of cursors in PL/SQL?

The cursor can be made used for the purpose of handling various row – query associated with PL/SQL. Implicit cursors are available for the purpose of handling all the queries related with oracle. The memory spaces that are unnamed are used by oracle for storing the data that can be used with implicit cursors.

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What is MRC? Explain its uses?

MRC stands for Multiple Reporting Currencies. It has default currency as US $. And if any organization books with some other currency there come the requirement of MRC. Hence through MRC, we can use currency as per our wish.


Transaction-Level Conversion.

Inquiry and Reporting in Multiple Currencies.

Euro Support. MRC allows Oracle Applications to support organizations that are transitioning from their national currency to the Euro.

Posted Date:- 2021-10-01 08:33:16

What is FSG? Explain its uses.

FSG stands for financial statement generator. It is a powerful reporting engine for clearly define our reporting requirement. Helps in keeping the reporting simple by the use of Row Set, Reports, Content set and Column setting. It uses the ADI request set to publish standard reports.


Can produce a specific report when needed.

Produce financial report without programming.

Asynchronous printing of reports.

Ability to print single reports for multiple firms.

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What are different types of invoices and what is a recurring invoice?

Types of Invoice: Standard Invoice, Credit Memo Invoice, Debit Memo Invoice, Expense Invoice, Recurring Invoice With-hold tax Quick Match and Pre-Payment Invoice.

Recurring Invoice: As the name suggests the invoice that occurs at regular interval of time is known as the Recurring Invoice.

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What is the Significance of the US Folder?

It is nothing but language specification by default it is in the American language. We can have multiple languages folders based on installed languages. from the backend, we can get it from





select language_code,nls_language from fnd_languages where installed_flag like 'B'

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Which are the kinds of report triggers?

There are mainly five different kinds of report triggers available. They are

<> Before report
<> After report
<> Before parameter form
<> After parameter form
<> Between pages

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Define custom top and its purpose.

Custom top can be defined as the customer top which is created exclusively for customers. According to the requirement of the client many number of customer tops can be made. Custom top is made used for the purpose of storing components, which are developed as well as customized. At the time when the oracle corporation applies patches, every module other than custom top are overridden.

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What is meant by Custom Top and what is the Purpose?

Custom Top is nothing but Customer Top, which is created for customer only. we can have multiple custom tops based on client requirement. It is used to store developed & customized components. whenever oracle corp applying patches it will override all the modules except the custom top. that's why we will use a custom top.

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Explain the parameters which are mandatory in procedures?

This is the most asked Oracle Apps Interview Questions in an interview. There is the number of parameters that need to take care while declaring the procedure and these parameters are assigned with some sort of job. For example, the parameter is Errobuf, this is the parameter which is used for returning the error messages in oracle apps and send it to the log file for tracking. The other parameter is Recode, which is mainly used for showing the status code associated with a procedure like 0,1,2. These are the different status shown by this parameter. 0 defines the normal status, 1 mainly defines the completed warning status and 2 defines the error that occurred in the procedure.

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What do you mean by Autonomous transactions?

This transaction is mainly independent of another transaction. It allows you to suspend the transaction. It helps in performing SQL operations, rolling back of operations and committing those transactions as well. These autonomous transactions do not support resources, locks or any kind of commit dependency which is the main part of the transaction.

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What is FlexField? Explain types of flexfields?

We can assume FlexField as a collection of segments or sub-fields which can be added or removed to modify the structure of the FlexField and does not require any levels of programming. It is just a pop-up window which has a cause for each segment.

There are two types:

Key flexfields is used for creating unique identifiers or constraints. It is the building block that defines the structure of objects. Key flexfields are flexible enough to let any organization use the coding scheme they want, without programming. With the help of Key Fields, an organization can define rules to specify which segment values can be combined to make a valid complete code (also called a combination).

Descriptive FlexField is used to create new fields on the screen and capture other information. Also provides customizable” expansion space” on your forms. Descriptive flexfields can be context-sensitive, where the information your application stores depends on other values your users enter in other parts of the form.

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What are the cycles of GL, AP, and AR?

In general, GL AP and AR consist of:

Structure Phase: Defines the process flows and configuration for the system and Conduct business process and data mapping workshops.

Construct Phase: Contains all of the configuration activities

Transition Phase: Executes system test

Deploy Phase: Migrates database to customer environment

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What is Oracle Apps (ERP)?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. A product of Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. As the name suggests Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise means a firm/organization. Resource means available source of wealth infirm and Planning means how you can maintain day to day resource. Hence in short to facilitate big businesses, companies Oracle Corporation have created huge software known in the category of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as Oracle Applications. What is the Diff between APPS Schema and other Schemas?

Apps schema contains only Synonyms we can't create tables in apps schema, whereas another schema s contains tables, & all the objects. Here only we will create the tables and giving grants on created tables. Almost every time we will connect to apps schema only.

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Differentiate Apps schema from other schemas?

Apps schema is the one that comprises of only synonyms and there is no possibility of creating tables in it. Other schema comprises of tables and objects in it and allows the creation of tables as well as for providing grants to tables.

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What are the steps in attaching reports with oracle applications?

* There are certain steps that you need to follow systematically for attaching the reports along with oracle application.
* Designing the report.
* Generating executable file related with report.
* Moving executable and source files to the appropriate folder of the product.
* Registering the report in the form of concurrent executable.
* Defining concurrent program for registered that are executable.
* Adding concurrent program for requesting group of responsibility.

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