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What is virtual channel?

Virtual channel is normally a connection from one source to one destination, although multicast connections are also permitted. The other name for virtual channel is virtual circuit.

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What is Default Route?

v A Default Route (also known as the gateway of last resort) is a special type of static route.

v Where a static route specifies a path a router should use to reach a specific destination, a default route specifies a path the router should use if it doesn’t know how to reach the destination.

v Default Route is the network route used by a router

when there is no other known route exists for a given IP datagram’s destination address.

All the IP datagrams with unknown destination address are sent to the default route.

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Explain why UDP is lease favored when compared to TCP?

It is because UDP is un-sequenced and unreliable. It is not capable of creating virtual circuits and acknowledgments.

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What is meant ARP and RARP?

ARP is Address Resolution Protocol which is used to map an IP address to a physical machine.

RARP is Reverse Address Resolution Protocol which is used to map MAC address to the IP address.

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What is Private IP and Public IP?

Private IP: It is used within the local LAN.

Public IP: It is used across the Internet.

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Tell algorithms OSPF demands, and what is the principle behind it?

OSPF uses the Dijkstra straight Path First algorithm to decide the shortest path and Link-State Advertisements.

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Name the few types of LSA?

The few types of LSA are:

* External LSA
* Network LSA
* ASBR Summary LSA
* Network summary LSA
* Router LSA

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Mention what does data packets consist of?

A data packet consists of sender’s information, recipient’s information, and the data contained. It also has the numeric identification number that defines the packet number and order. When data is sent across the network, that information is segmented into data packets. In short, data packets carry the information and routing configuration for your transferred message.

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What is silly window syndrome?

It is a problem that can ruin TCP performance. This problem occurs when data are passed to the sending TCP entity in large blocks, but an interactive application on the receiving side reads 1 byte at a time.

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What are Digrams and Trigrams?

The most common two letter combinations are called as digrams. e.g. th, in, er, re and an. The most common three letter combinations are called as trigrams. e.g. the, ing, and, and ion.

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What are the sub modes of Global configuration mode?

1.Interface Mode(Router physical interface configuration mode):-


2.Sub Interface Mode(Router sub-interface configuration mode):-


3.Line Mode(Router line configuration mode – console, vty etc):-


4.Router Configuration Mode(Routing protocols configuration mode):-


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What are the different modes in Router?

1.User Mode; 2.Privilege Mode; 3.Global Configuration Mode;

Each Mode has access to different set of IOS commands.

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In configuring a router, what command must be used if you want to delete the configuration data that is stored in the NVRAM?

A. erase running-config

B. erase startup-config

C. erase NVRAM

D. delete NVRAM

Correct Answer: B. erase startup-config

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What is EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol)?

It is the protocol the routers in neighboring autonomous systems use to identify the set of networks that can be reached within or via each autonomous system.

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What causes a triggered update to reset the router hold-down timer?

This may happen when the hold-down timer has already expired, or when the router received a processing task that incidentally was proportional to the number of links in the internetwork.

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Differentiate Logical Topology from Physical Topology

Logical Topology refers to the signal path through the physical topology. Physical Topology is the actual layout of the network medium.

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What are the things that can be accessed in a CISCO router’s identifying information?

The hostname and the Interfaces. The hostname is the name of your router. The Interfaces are fixed configurations that refer to the router ports.

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Why is network segmentation a good idea when managing a large network?

For a network administration, segmenting a network would help ease network traffic and ensures that high bandwidth is made available at all times for all users. This translates to better performance, especially for a growing network.

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What are the different types of passwords used in securing a CISCO router?

There are actually five types of passwords that can be used. These enable secret, virtual terminal, console, and auxiliary.

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Briefly explain the conversion steps in data encapsulation.

From a data transmitter’s point of reference, data from the end user is converted to segments. Segments are then passed on to the other layers and converted into packets or datagrams. These packets are then converted into frames before passing on to the network interface. Finally, frames are converted to bits prior to actual data transmission.

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What is autonomous system?

It is a collection of routers under the control of a single administrative authority and that uses a common Interior Gateway Protocol.

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What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)?

It is a protocol used to advertise the set of networks that can be reached with in an autonomous system. BGP enables this information to be shared with the autonomous system. This is newer than EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol).

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What is Gateway-to-Gateway protocol?

It is a protocol formerly
used to exchange routing information between Internet core routers.

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What is NVT (Network Virtual Terminal)?

It is a set of rules defining a very simple virtual terminal interaction. The NVT is used in the start of a Telnet session.

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What is a Multi-homed Host?

It is a host that has a multiple network interfaces and that requires multiple IP addressesis called as a Multi-homed Host.

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What is Route Poisoning?

Route Poisoning is the process of inserting a table entry of 16 to a route, making it unreachable. This technique is used in order to prevent problems caused by inconsistent updates on a route.

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Give some benefits of LAN switching.

– allows full duplex data transmission and reception

– media rate adaption

– easy and efficient migration

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What are packets?

Packets are the results of data encapsulation. These are data that have been wrapped under the different protocols of the OSI layers. Packets are also referred to as datagrams.

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How does Hold-downs work?

Hold-downs prevent regular update messages from reinstating a downed link by removing that link from update messages. It uses triggered updates to reset the hold-down timer.

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What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the transmission capacity of a medium. It is a measure of how much volume a transmission channel can handle, and it is measured in Kbps.

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What is Multicast?

1. It is a One to Many communication.
2. In Multicast, the sender transmit only one copy of data and it is delivered and/or processed to many devices who are interested in that traffic(Not as delivered and processed by all devices as in Broadcast).
3. Devices which are interested in a particular Multicast traffic must join to that Multicast group to receive the traffic.
4. IP Multicast Groups are identified by Multicast IP Addresses (IPv4 Class D Addresses)

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What is HDLC?

HDLC stands for High-Level Data Link Control protocol. It is a propriety protocol of CISCO. It is the default encapsulation operated within CISCO routers.

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How do you go to privileged mode? How do you switch back to user mode?

To access privileged mode, you enter the command “enable” on the prompt. In order to get back to user mode, enter the command “disable.”

Posted Date:- 2021-09-30 08:51:40

How do you depict an IP address?

It can be done in three possible ways:

– using Dotted-decimal. For example:

– using Binary. For example: 10000010.00111011.01110010.01110011

– using Hexadecimal. For example: 82 1E 10 A1

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What does the show protocol display?

– routed protocols that is configured on the router.

– the address assigned on each interface.

– the encapsulation method that was configured on each interface.

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What’s the easiest way to remotely configure a router?

In cases when you need to configure a router remotely, the most convenient is to use the Cisco AutoInstall Procedure. However, the router must be connected to the WAN or LAN through one of the interfaces.

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Name the five OSPF packet types?

The five OSPF packet types are:


* LSack

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What do you mean by OSPF adjacency?

An OSPF adjacency is a theoretical link to a neighbour over which Link State Advertisements can be sent.

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What do you mean by Link state retransmit interval?

OSPF must send recognition of each newly conventional LSA. LSAs are retransmitted until they are approved. The link-state retransmit-interval defines the time among retransmissions. We can utilize the command IP OSPF retransmit-interval to place the retransmit-interval.

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Tell me the issues that DR and BDR solve in OSPF?

BDR and DR solve two problems in OSPF:

* Excessive LSA flooding

* High No. of Adjacencies

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Name some advantages of using OSPF Summarization?

The advantages of using OSPF summarization are:

* OSPF Summarization reduces numeral of update messages
* OSPF Summarization minimizes the quantity of information stored in routing tables
* OSPF Summarization reduces the weight on Router processor and recollection resources
* OSPF Summarization reduces the bandwidth practice

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What are some standards supported by the Presentation layer?

Presentation layer supports many standards, which ensures that data is presented correctly. These include PICT, TIFF, and JPEG for graphics, MIDI, MPEG and QuickTime for Video/Audio.

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Why is UDP lease favored when compared to TCP?

It’s because UDP is unreliable and unsequenced. It is not capable of establishing virtual circuits and acknowledgments.

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What is Unicast?

1. It is a One to One Communication.
2. Unicast is a type of communication, where there is only one sender & one receiver.


1) Browsing a website. (Webserver is the sender and your computer is the receiver.)

2) Downloading a file from a FTP Server. (FTP Server is the sender and your computer is the receiver.)

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What are the advantages of a layered model in the networking industry?

A layered network offers many advantages. It allows administrators to make changes in one layer without the need to make changes in the other layers. Specialization is encouraged, allowing the network industry to make progress faster. A layered model also lets administrators troubleshoot problems more efficiently.

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What is subnetting?

Subnetting is the process of creating smaller networks from a big parent network. As a part of a network, each subnet is assigned some additional parameters or identifier to indicate its subnet number.

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Explain the benefits of VLANs.

VLANs allow the creation of collision domains by groups other than just physical location. Using VLANs, it is possible to establish networks by different means, such as by function, type of hardware, protocol, among others. This is a big advantage when compared to conventional LANs wherein collision domains are always tied to physical location.

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What are the different IPX access lists?

There are two types of IPX access lists

1. Standard.

2. Extended.

Standard Access List can only filter the source or destination IP address. An Extended Access List uses the source and destination IP addresses, port, socket, and protocol when filtering a network.

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How do you configure a Cisco router to route IPX?

The initial thing to do is to enable IPX routing by using the “IPX routing” command. Each interface that is used in the IPX network is then configured with a network number and encapsulation method.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-30 08:44:26

What is a Frame Relay?

Frame Relay is a WAN protocol that provides connection-oriented communication by creating and maintaining virtual circuits. It has a high-performance rating and operates at the Data Link and Physical Layers.

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