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What are Redis databases?

Redis Databases are just a logical separation of data within the same Redis instance. The cache memory is shared between all the databases and actual memory consumption of a given database depends on the keys/values stored in that database. For example, a C6 cache has 53 GB of memory. You can choose to put all 53 GB into one database or you can split it up between multiple databases.

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What is Azure Redis Cache?

Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. Azure Redis Cache is based on the popular open-source Redis cache. It gives you access to a secure, dedicated Redis cache, managed by Microsoft, and accessible from any application within Azure. It supports data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperloglogs and geospatial indexes with radius queries.

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Are there any scale limitations for customers using managed disks?

Managed Disks eliminates the limits associated with storage accounts. However, the number of managed disks per subscription is limited to 2000 by default.

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What are the differences between Subscription Administrator and Directory Administrator?

By default, one is assigned the Subscription Administrator role when he/she signs up for Azure. A subscription admin can use either a Microsoft account or a work or school account from the directory that the Azure subscription is associated with. This role is authorized to manage services in the Azure portal. If others need to sign in and access services by using the same subscription, you can add them as co-admins.

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What is a VNet?

VNet is a representation of your own network in the cloud. It logically isolates your instances launched in the cloud, from the rest of your resources.

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What is Azure Service Fabric?

Azure Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform that makes it easy to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable micro-services. Service Fabric also addresses the significant challenges in developing and managing cloud applications. Developers and administrators can avoid complex infrastructure problems and focus on implementing mission-critical, demanding workloads that are scalable, reliable, and manageable. Service Fabric represents the next-generation middleware platform for building and managing these enterprise-class, tier-1, cloud-scale applications.

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How can I use applications with Azure AD that I’m using on-premises?

Azure AD gives you an easy and secure way to connect to the web applications you choose. You can access these applications in the same way you access your SaaS apps in Azure AD, no need for a VPN to change your network infrastructure.

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Where can I find a list of applications that are pre-integrated with Azure AD and their capabilities?

Azure AD has around 2600 pre-integrated applications. All pre-integrated applications support single sign-on (SSO). SSO let you use your organizational credentials to access your apps. Some of the applications also support automated provisioning and de-provisioning.

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What happens when you exhaust the maximum failed attempts for authenticating yourself via Azure AD?

We use a more sophisticated strategy to lock accounts. This is based on the IP address of the request and the passwords entered. The duration of the lockout also increases based on the likelihood that it is an attack.

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How to add an administrator to the Azure portal?

To add an administrator to the Azure portal, it has to be given the owner role. It will be able to manage only those resources in the subscription that are assigned to it. To add an administrator, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to the Azure portal
2. Go to the Hub menu and then to Subscription and select the subscription that the
administrator will need access to
3. Select Access control (IAM) in the subscription blade, and then click on Add
4. Go to Select a role, and click on Owner
5. Here, provide the email address of the user to be assigned as the owner
6. Click on the user, and then click on Select

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What is Azure Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

The SLA ensures that, when you send two or more role instances for each role, access to your cloud service will be maintained not less than 99.95 percent of the time. Additionally, identification and re-correction activities will be started 99.9 percent of the time when a role instance’s procedure isn’t running.

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What is the Migration Assistant tool in Azure Websites?

Migration Assistant tool will examine our IIS installation and recognize the sites that can be migrated to the cloud, featuring any components which can’t be migrated or are unsupported on the platform.

Once broken down, this tool will likewise create sites and databases provided under the given Azure membership.

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What is Text Analytics API in Azure Machine?

Content Analytics API is a part of content examination web administrations worked with Azure Machine Learning. The API can be utilized to analyze unstructured content for tasks such as sentiment analysis and key-phrase extraction.

The API restores a numeric score between 0 and 1. Scores near 1 show positive sentiment, while scores near 0 demonstrate negative sentiment.

The upside of this API is that another new model need not be planned and prepared; the user just needs to bring the data and call the service to get the sentiment results.

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How can you create an HDInsight Cluster in Azure?

To make an Azure HDInsight Cluster, open the Azure portal > click on New > select Data Services > click on HDInsight.

Hadoop is the default and native execution of Apache Hadoop.

HBase is an Apache open-source NoSQL database based on Hadoop that gives random access and solid consistency for a lot of unstructured data.

Apache Storm is a distributed, fault-tolerant, open-source computation system that enables you to process data in real time.

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What is Windows Azure Scheduler?

Windows Azure Scheduler enables you to invoke activities, for example, calling HTTP/S endpoints or presenting a message on a storage queue on any schedule.

With Scheduler, you make jobs in the cloud that dependably call services both inside and outside of Windows Azure and execute those jobs on demand, on a routinely repeating schedule, or assign them for a future date.

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What is cmdlet in Azure?

A cmdlet is a lightweight command that is utilized as a part of the Microsoft PowerShell environment. The cmdlets are summoned by the Windows PowerShell to automate the scripts which are in the command line. Windows PowerShell runtime additionally invokes them automatically through Windows PowerShell APIs.

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What is profiling in Azure?

Profiling is only a procedure for measuring the performance analysis of an application. It is normally done to guarantee that the application is sufficiently steady and can maintain overwhelming traffic.

Visual Studio gives us different tools to do it by gathering the performance information from the application that likewise helps in troubleshooting issues.

Once the profiling wizard is run, it sets up the execution session and collects the data of the sample.

The profiling reports help in:

* Deciding the longest running strategies inside the application
* Measuring the execution time of every strategy in the call stack
* Assessing memory allocation

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What is the TFS build system in Azure?

A build is the solution of an output. In Azure projects, you get the record with a .cspkg extension, that is, a Cloud Service Package is utilized for the deployment of your cloud administration.

Build Servers: In general terms, a build server is a machine where you put your deployment packages.

To utilize Team Foundation Build, you should have no less than one build machine. This machine can be a physical machine or a virtual machine.

Build Controllers: Manufacture Controllers are the component in the build system that accepts the build requests from any task inside the group project. Each build controller is dedicated to a solitary team project collection. So, there is a balanced relationship between a team project and a build controller.

Build Agents: Build Agents are components in the build system that accomplishes more processor-concentrated work.

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Explain stateful and stateless micro-services for Service Fabric?

Service Fabric enables us to build applications that consist of microservices. Stateless micro-service doesn't maintain a mutable state outside a request. Azure Cloud Service's worker role is an example of a stateless service. Stateful microservice maintains a mutable, authoritative state beyond the request and its response.

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How many types of backups are there in Azure?

Azure Backup includes three types of replications that keep both storage and data highly available.

Geo-redundant storage (GRS): The default and recommended option that replicates data to a secondary region far from the primary location.

Locally redundant storage (LRS): Creates three copies of the data in a storage scale unit within a data center.

Zone-redundant storage (ZRS): Replicates the data in availability zones with data residency and resiliency in the same region and has no downtime.

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How many services are there in Azure?

Azure has over 6,000 flexible offerings, and it utilizes the data capacity offered by Microsoft for Software, Platform, and Infrastructure as a Service (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS).

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What is the difference between a library and a list?

A library is an interface that enables the management and storage of a document created in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. A list, on the other hand, is the representation of an item in a tabular format (with columns and rows). It can be attached with documents.

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What it means by the Federation in Azure SQL?

SQL Azure Federation offers tools that allow developers to share or access databases amongst them in SQL Azure. It allows the users to benefit from resources in the Cloud. Moreover, it enables users to use their own database or share databases with each other. There will be the generation of odds of a single point of failure.

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How does Azure Site Recovery work?

Site Recovery orchestrates and automates the replication of Azure VMs in different locations—on-premises machines to a secondary data center, and on-premises VMs and physical servers to Azure.

It contributes to business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) by enabling access to apps from the secondary location in case of an outage at the primary site.

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What do you mean by the network security groups?

A network security group allows you to manage the network traffic to NIC or subnets etc. If it is connected in the best possible way, then the network load will be distributed wisely.

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Explain Azure Service Level Agreement

The Service ensures that when you send two or more roles instances for each role, access to your cloud service will be maintained 9 out of 10 times. Moreover, identification re-correction activity will be stared when the procedure of a role instance is not running.

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Explain cspack in Microsoft Azure

Cspack is a command-line tool which generates a service package file. It also helps you to prepares an application for deployment, either in compute emulator or Microsoft Windows Azure.

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Name various power states of a Virtual Machine.

Various power states of a Virtual Machine are: Running, Starting, Stopping, Deallocating, etc.

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How does Azure Site Recovery work?

The library is an interface which allows to manage and store a document which can be created using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

On the other hand, the list is the representation of the item in a tabular format using column and rows. It can be attached with documents.

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When should you use a static IP address in Azure?

In Azure, a static IP address is used when the address connected to the device is not to be changed.

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What it’s the difference between PROC MEANS and PROC SUMMARY?

1. PROC MEANS: It refers to the subgroup of statist created in the persistence of the BY statement.

2. PROC SUMMARY: It is the support statistic giving all varieties of information running simultaneously.

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Why is Azure Active Directory used?

Azure Active Directory is an Identity and Access Management system. It is used to grant access to your employees to specific products and services in your network. For example:, twitter etc. Azure AD has some in-built support for applications in its gallery which can be added directly.

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What is a break-fix issue?

Technical problems are called break-fix issue, it is an industry term which refers to “work involved in supporting a technology when it fails in the normal course of its function, which requires intervention by a support organization to be restored to working order”.

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What is the step you need to perform when drive failure occurs?

When there is an instance that the drive has failed, the following step should be performed:

1. The drive should be not mounted, which allows the object Azure storage to function without fail.

2. The second scenario is replacing the drive in which the desired step will remounting, formatting the drive.

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What is MOSS?

Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) that consist of a complete version of the portal platform. It allows a user to manage, share and even create the document.

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Explain enterprise warehousing

Enterprise warehousing is the phenomenon where the data is developed by the organization having access at a single point throughout the globe. The warehousing allows serving to get linked to a single point with the assistance of periodic handling.

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State the difference between copy and shortcut

Copied means transferring an object from one to another folder which takes double space. The shortcut is a dynamic Link on an object which saves the space which shows changes in the original object.

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Explain the term ‘service fabric’ in Azure

Service fabric is a middleware platform which gives more scalable outcome. It mostly renders with a more managed and reliable enterprise.

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Explain role instance in Microsoft Azure

A role instance is a virtual instance on which the application code and role configuration run. A role can have multiple instances, which are defined in the service configuration file.

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What is HDInsight in Microsoft Azure?

HDInsight is a could service which that makes it easy. It is fast and cost-effective to process a massive amount of data using with the help of open-source frameworks like Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Storm and R. HDInsight offers various type of scenarios which includes ETL, data warehousing, and Machine Learning.

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What are Update Domains?

An update domain is a logical group of underlying hardware that can undergo maintenance or can be rebooted at the same time. As you create VMs within an availability set, the Azure platform automatically distributes your VMs across these update domains. This approach ensures that at least one instance of your application always remains running as the Azure platform undergoes periodic maintenance. The order of update domains being rebooted may not proceed sequentially during planned maintenance, but only one update domain is rebooted at a time.

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What are Fault Domains?

A fault domain is a logical group of underlying hardware that share a common power source and network switch, similar to a rack within an on-premise data-centers. As you create VMs within an availability set, the Azure platform automatically distributes your VMs across these fault domains. This approach limits the impact of potential physical hardware failures, network outages, or power interruptions.

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What do you understand by Azure Scheduler?

Azure Scheduler helps us to invoke certain background trigger events or activities like calling HTTP/S endpoints or to present a message on the queue on any schedule.

By using this Azure Schedule, the jobs present in the cloud call services present within and outside of the Azure to execute those jobs on-demand that are routinely on a repeated regular schedule or start those jobs at a future specified date.

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Is it possible to get a public DNS or IP address for the Azure Internal Load Balancer?

No! As the name itself says, Azure Internal Load Balancer supports only Private IP addresses, and hence the assignment of a public IP address or DNS name is not possible.

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What would happen when the maximum failed attempts are reached during the process of Azure ID Authentication?

In case of maximum failed attempts, the azure account would get locked and the method of locking is dependent on the protocol that analyzes the entered password and the IP addresses of the login requests.

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Is it possible to login to a Linux Virtual Machine without using a password?

Yes, it is possible by making use of the Key Vault mapping to any Admin VM, we can log in to another VM without the need for a password.

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What would be the best feature recommended by Azure for having a common file sharing system between multiple virtual machines?

Azure provides a service called Azure File System which is used as a common repository system for sharing the data across the Virtual Machines configured by making use of protocols like SMB, FTPS, NFS, etc.

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What do you need to do when drive failure occurs?

The following steps need to be performed when the drive failure occurs:

<> To make sure that the Azure Storage functions without fail, we need to ensure that the drive is not mounted.

<> Replace the drive so that the drive gets remounted and formatted.

Posted Date:- 2021-09-24 09:14:39

What is an Availability Set?

An availability set is a logical grouping of VMs that allows Azure to understand how your application is built to provide redundancy and availability. It is recommended that two or more VMs are created within an availability set to provide for a highly available application and to meet the 99.95% Azure SLA. When a single VM is used with Azure Premium Storage, the Azure SLA applies for unplanned maintenance events.

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What are the available options for deployment environments provided by Azure?

Azure provides two deployment environments, they are:

<> Staging Environment: This environment is used for validating the changes of our application before making them live into the main environment.

* Here, the application is identified by means of GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) of
Azure which has the URL as:

<> Production Environment: This is the main environment where our application goes live and can be accessed by the target audience which can be accessed by means of DNS friendly URL:

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